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Georgetown Observers and Record Stage Recognized
National Weather Service (NWS) officials along with the US Army Corps of Engineers recognized Arkansas’ all-time record river level on the White River at Georgetown (White County).


Chuck and Debra Lang, National Weather Service cooperative observers in Georgetown (White County), were presented with a Certificate of Recognition on 05/04/2012. A ceremony was held at the Georgetown Community Center on May 4th, 2012 at 1:00 pm CDT.
In the picture: Chuck and Debra Lang, National Weather Service cooperative observers in Georgetown (White County), were presented with a Certificate of Recognition on 05/04/2012. Click to enlarge.


In May 2011, Georgetown reached a record stage of 33.95 feet. This was one of several records along the Black and White Rivers. The previous record was 32.80 feet in February 1949. In March 2008, the crest was 30.18 feet.


Crests Along Black and White Rivers
Location River Crest (ft) Flood Stage (ft) Date Crest (ft) Date
Corning (Clay Co) Black 15.92 15 03/22/2008 18.12R 04/28/2011
Pocahontas (Randolph Co) Black 26.56 17 03/22/2008 28.47R 04/28/2011
Black Rock (Lawrence Co) Black 29.71 14 03/20/2008 30.45 04/26/2011
Newport (Jackson Co) White 33.87 26 03/21/2008 34.17 05/04/2011
Augusta (Woodruff Co) White 38.41 26 03/22/2008 40.80 05/05/2011
Georgetown (White Co) White 30.18 21 03/24/2008 33.95R 05/06/2011
Des Arc (Prairie Co) White 33.74 24 03/25/2008 39.43R 05/07/2011
Clarendon (Monroe Co) White 33.04 26 03/29/2008 37.54 05/10/2011
Note: "R" is record crest.


Stage information would not have been available without the heroic efforts of Chuck and Debra Lang, long time National Weather Service cooperative weather observers in Georgetown. Here are a few attendees of the ceremony in Georgetown (White County).
In the picture: Attendees of the ceremony included (from left) Tamara Jenkins, White County Emergency Manager; Ron Synder, Mayor of Georgetown; Chuck Lang, NWS Coop Observer; Eddie Stephenson, Fire Chief; Debra Lang, NWS Coop Observer; Michael Lincoln, White County Judge. Click to enlarge.


Even as the town became cut off by water (Highway 36 was flooded by the White River), they remained dedicated by providing critical weather and river level information that allowed the NWS to continue its mission by providing lifesaving flood warnings. is the U.S. government's official web portal to all federal, state and local government web resources and services.