Picture of John Campanius Hold Award being presented to Mr. Wilson.
From left to right, Johnny Wallace (DAPM), Johnnie Wilson (Crosbyton observer), and Justin Weaver (MIC).
Recognizing 41 years of dedicated service, the National Weather service has named Crosbyton, Texas resident Johnnie Wilson as a 2005 recipient of the agency’s John Campanius Holm Award. The year’s coveted Holm Award is being presented to only 25 out of 11,700 cooperative observers who have performed exceptional volunteer service. (February 1, 2006).

Picture of observer Johnny Wilson and DAPM Johnny Wallace .

Picture of observer Johnnie Wilson and DAPM Johnny Wallace .
Director of the National Weather Service, retired Brig. General David L. Johnson said, “Cooperative observers are the bedrock of weather data collection and analysis. Satellites, high-speed computers, mathematical models and other technological breakthroughs have brought great benefits to the nation in terms of better forecast and warnings. But with out the century-long accumulation of accurate weather observations taken by volunteer observers, scientists could not begin to adequately describe the climate of the United States.
Picture of Johnny and Sue Wilson with the John Campanius Holm Award.
Picture of Johnnie and Sue Wilson with the John Campanius Holm Award.






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