Five Day Significant River Flood Outlook
The LMRFC issues 72 hours of quantitative precipitation forecasts (QPF) throughout the year. For our routine river forecasts, only 12 hours of QPF is normally used. Under certain conditions and based on specific requests by our users, we will utilize 24 hours of QPF in them. A full 72 hours of QPF is used as input to our river models to produce local Significant River Flood Outlooks and National Significant River Flood Outlooks. Therefore, the daily Significant River Flood Outlook does not account for a full 5 days of QPF covering the LMRFC river forecast area.  

5-Day and 7-Day QPF for the United States can be found at

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LMRFC Significant River Flood Outlook Click for Explanations

Notice:  The LMRFC Significant River Flood Outlook is intended to provide a general outlook for significant river flooding.  It is not intended to depict all small-scale events such as localized flooding and/or flash flooding.  This graphic will not depict minor river flooding as this implies only minimal or no property damage with possibly some public inconvenience.  Please refer to products issued by local NWS offices for specific details.  For a list of NWS offices and their links go to: is the U.S. government's official web portal to all federal, state and local government web resources and services.