Arkansas Flooding Events

Beaver Dam - April 8-9, 2002
The term for the operation is a "surcharge release". The method that this dam is operated is that it will hold water until the downstream reservoirs are emptied, unless there is rainfall which may overtop the dam. One the morning of the 8th of April there was about 1/2 inch runoff storage remaining in the lake and it rained about a basin average of 4 inches on the 9th. Maximum turbine release is about 8,000 cfs and I was told the max spill was 20,000 cfs for a total of about 28,000 cfs. The lake has been lowered about 3/4 of a foot and now can hold about 6/10ths inch of runoff. It will take about an inch rainfall basin average to re-fill the flood storage.

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