Westbank of Metro New Orleans Damaging Winds and Large Hail - March 29, 2011

Estimated Maximum Wind:
100 mph
Damage Area:
1.8 mile wide swath of damage
Approximate Time:
730 PM


A National Weather Service Damage Assessment Team has surveyed the storm damage on the Westbank of Jefferson Parish and in Belle Chasse, LA. It has been determined the damage was the result of a strong straight line that formed within a strong region of inflow into the storm. Damage estimates were consistent with winds of 100 mph. Large hail also occurred with this storm. Hail of up to quarter size was reported on the West Bank and in Belle Chasse. The hail accumulated to nearly one foot deep in portions of Harvey

The greated concentration of damage was in Harvey on Manhattan Boulevard where a broad 1.8 mile swath of wind and hail damage occurred. Over a mile of power poles were either snapped or pushed over by these strong winds. Damage in Belle Chasse resulted from the same storm. Large hail and strong winds damaged trees, powerlines, and some structures.

Harvey, LA straight line wind damage of March 29, 2011
Surveyed damage in Harvey, LA  Download in KML  Disclaimer

KLIX reflectivity for Harvey, LA straight line winds and hail of 3/29/2011
KLIX WSR-88D Reflectivity for Harvey, LA straight line winds and hail at 0716 PM CDT 3/9/2011

KLIX Storm Relative Velocity product for Harvey, LA straight line winds and hail - 03/29/11
KLIX WSR-88D Storm Relative Velocity at maximum intensity around 0716 CDT 3/29/2011



Snapped power poles and blown down sign along Manhattan Blvd.

Large tree branch damaged roof of home

Small tree uprooted

Portion of cinder block wall on business collapsed

Sign bent over

Sign blown down

Roof and awning damage to building

Snapped power poles

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