February 13, 2007 Radar Loops

Ridge Radar
New Orleans Loop
  Mississippi Loop
  Full Loop
  2:52am / 0852Z
  2:57am / 0857Z
  3:02am / 0902Z
  3:08am / 0908Z
  3:13am / 0913Z
  3:19am / 0919Z
AWIPS Radar (these are large images)
  New Orleans Reflectivity Loop
  New Orleans Storm-Relative Motion Loop
  2:57am / 0857Z Reflectivity
  3:02am / 0902Z Reflectivity
  3:08am / 0908Z Reflectivity
  3:13am / 0913Z Reflectivity
  3:19am / 0919Z Reflectivity
  2:57am / 0857Z Storm-Relative Motion
  3:02am / 0902Z Storm-Relative Motion
  3:08am / 0908Z Storm-Relative Motion
  3:13am / 0913Z Storm-Relative Motion
  3:19am / 0919Z Storm-Relative Motion

Note: The warnings did not display on a few of the Ridge images.
The "Ridge" radar is the standard radar data available through the NWS website. The images here are the base reflectivity with warnings overlayed.

The "AWIPS" radar is what is used at the local NWS offices. The "Storm Relative Motion" or "SRM" is the motion measured by the radar with the overall storm motion subtracted from it. This is used to help identify rotation within the storms. Red indicates relative motion away from the radar (which is located in Slidell, to the northeast of New Orleans) and green the relative motion toward the radar.

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