WRF EMS Forecasts 


Precipitation MSLP


Variables/Levels 925hpa 850hpa 700hpa 500hpa 300hpa 200hpa
Winds X X X X X X
Temperature X X X X X X
Heights X X X X X X
Rel. Humidity X X X X X X
Rel. Vorticity X X X X X X
Vert. Velocity X X X X X X


WFO Lake Charles Weather Research and Forecast Environmental Modeling System (WRF EMS)

WFO LCH WRF EMS Model Status Information

          Current Core Package:          Non-Hydrostatic Mesoscale Model (NMM)
      Current Resolution:                6 km
      Model Run Time Coverage:   24


Model Run Times

Available Time

 00Z Model Run

12:15 AM CDT (11:15 PM CST)

 06Z Model Run 

6:15 AM CDT (5:15 AM CST)

 12Z Model Run

12:15 PM CDT (11:15 AM CST)

 18Z Model Run

6:15 PM CDT (5:15 PM CST)


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