Tropical Weather Update

This is the location to the Topical Weather UpdateNWS Southern Region Tropical Weather pageThis location links to additional information such as the Topical Weather Update.

The Tropical Weather Update provides information concerning the tropical cyclone formation and forecasts for both the Eastern Pacific and Atlantic Oceans.

When tropical cyclones form, you may link to graphical and text-based information from the National Hurricane Center in Miami.

The Tropical Weather Update page also provides links for:

  • Climatological information concerning the likelihood that a tropical storm or hurricane will affect any particular location sometime during Atlantic hurricane season.

  • Tropical weather discussions and outlooks for both Atlantic and Eastern Pacific Oceans.

  • Links to satellite images (including derived images) emphasizing tropical regions.

  • Links to Doppler radar images.

  • A Tropical Cyclone Safety that contains vital information to help minimize the impact of tropical cyclones on you and your loved ones. It is your call to action.

  • A link to the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale explaining the 1-5 rating and how it might impact you.

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