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Color the picture by clicking on a color swatch at the bottom of the image then click on the image where you want to apply that color. Color off-line by downloading and printing the pdf version.

Can you be struck by lightning if you wear rubber soled shoes? Absolutely! While rubber is an electric insulator, it's only effective to a certain point. The average lightning bolt carries about 30,000 amps of charge, has 100 million volts of electric potential, and is about 50,000°F. These amounts are several orders of magnitude HIGHER than what humans use on a daily basis and can burn through ANY insulator (even the ceramic insulators on power lines!)

Besides, the lightning bolt may just have traveled many miles through the atmosphere, which is a good insulator. Your ½" (or less) of rubber will make no difference. Learn more about lightning and lightning safety in JetStream - An Online School for Weather.

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