Concentrating on the Weather

Transporting Water Concentration game

The classic Concentration memory game. The cards begin face down. Click one to turn it over. Try to find the second card that matches the first. If the second does not match, click a third card to look for a new match. Your previous selections return to a face down position. If they do match, the cards are removed to reveal part of the background rebus. Try to determine the rebus message in as few number of turns as possible.

Rebus Solution | What do the symbols on the cards mean?

Focus on Safety

If officials indicate evacuation is necessary because of a hurricane you should do so immediately. If you remained at your house during the storm avoid loose or dangling power lines and report them immediately to the power company, police, or fire department. Be careful and not step onto objects in contact with downed power lines.

If you remain at your house during the storm beware of snakes, insects, and animals driven to higher ground by flood water. If your home has been damaged, open windows and doors to ventilate and dry your home.

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