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L2 Clouds: Cumulus (Cu) of moderate/strong development

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Cumulus of moderate or strong vertical extent, generally with protuberances in the form of domes or towers, either accompanied or not by other Cumulus or Stratocumulus, all having bases at the same level.
L2 cloud
Additional Views:
L2 cloud thumbnail
L2 cloud late in the day w/dense cirrus from Cb in the background
L2 cloud thumbnail
L2 cloud thumbnail

Notes: The outline of L2 clouds are usually clear cut, with horizontal bases and cauliflower shaped tops. Sunlit parts are mostly brilliant white, while bases are relatively dark. The clouds are sometimes arranged in lines, called cloud streets, nearly parallel to the wind direction. They may also form with tall towers that may be tilted by the wind. Showers can occur with these clouds but will not contain lightning and thunder.

Small Cumulus (L1) and Stratocumulus (L5) may also be present, all having their bases at the same level.

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