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What's the Weather in Your Backyard?

When you hear the rainfall amount from the official gauge, have you ever said "That's not what I got"?

In October of 2007, Floridians began reporting how much rain, hail, or snow they measured in their backyards by joining the Community Collaborative Rain, Hail, and Snow Network - CoCoRaHS.  Georgia volunteers began joining in May 2008.  The CoCoRaHS program will help meteorologists, researchers, the media, and others see and study the variability of precipitation across the area.  The accumulated precipitation data will be available to anyone using the web.

Local Volunteer Coordinators are needed now to help build this network across Georgia and Florida. The main duties of the volunteer coordinators will be to help answer new observer questions, contact new observers to help start reporting, and help with training - although training slides and information are available at the CoCoRaHS web site.  Other Volunteer Coordinator duties along with answers to most questions can be found searching through the tabs on the CoCoRaHS main web page.

Please visit the CoCoRaHS web site at:  http://www.cocorahs.org to learn more about the program.  Then, contact our office if you would like to signup to be a Volunteer Coordinator for your county in Southeast Georgia or Northeast Florida.  If you would like to be a coordinator or assist a coordinator, you can contact us by sending an email.

If you wish to sign up to become a rainfall observer for the Southeast Georgia or Northeast Florida area, click here.

Thank you for your interest in CoCoRaHS - Because Every Drop Counts!

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Observations:  Florida Georgia

Get your report in by 10 AM and see it at the link below!
 Click here for the latest area CoCoRaHS reports...supplied by observers like you! 

Local CoCoRaHs archive (from 7/30/08):  
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