Location Sky/Weather Temp Dwpt RH Wind (mph) Pressure Updated
Morehouse Memorial
METAR - Graphs
Fair43ºF42ºF98%Calm30.17 in07:55 AM
Air Force Base
METAR - Graphs
Fog/Mist45ºF45ºF100%Calm30.16 in07:59 AM
Golden Triangle Regional
METAR - Graphs
Clear43ºF41ºF93%NW 330.14 in07:45 AM
Mid-Delta Regional
METAR - Graphs
A Few Clouds45ºF44ºF97%NW 330.17 in07:53 AM
Greenwood-Leflore Airport
METAR - Graphs
Fair43ºF41ºF93%NE 330.16 in07:53 AM
Bobby L Chain Municipal
METAR - Graphs
Fair49ºF45ºF86%Calm30.14 in07:53 AM
Regional Airport
METAR - Graphs
Fair52ºF43ºF72%N 730.15 in08:15 AM
Jackson-Evers Int'l Airport
METAR - Graphs
Fair43ºF42ºF97%Calm30.16 in07:54 AM
Hawkins Field
METAR - Graphs
Fair46ºF43ºF89%Calm30.16 in07:53 AM
Key Field
METAR - Graphs
Fair42ºF40ºF92%Calm30.15 in07:58 AM
Meridian NAS
McCain Field
METAR - Graphs
Fair41ºF39ºF93%NW 330.15 in07:56 AM
Natchez-Adams Co Airport
METAR - Graphs
Fair52ºF45ºF77%E 530.15 in08:15 AM
George M Bryan Airport
METAR - Graphs
Fair45ºF45ºF100%Calm30.16 in08:15 AM
Regional Airport
METAR - Graphs
Fog41ºF39ºF93%Calm30.16 in07:53 AM
Location Sky/Weather Temp Dwpt RH Wind (mph) Pressure Updated
Camden ARFair41ºF39ºF93%Calm30.18 in07:55 AM
El Dorado ARFair43ºF41ºF93%Calm30.17 in07:53 AM
Little Rock ARFair47ºF43ºF86%Calm30.17 in07:53 AM
Monticello ARFair45ºF43ºF93%Calm30.17 in07:53 AM
Pine Bluff ARFair46ºF44ºF93%Calm30.17 in07:53 AM
Stuttgart ARFair48ºF45ºF87%Calm30.18 in08:15 AM
Texarkana ARFair48ºF47ºF96%Calm30.16 in07:53 AM
Alexandria LA Fog/Mist43ºF43ºF100%Calm30.14 in07:53 AM
Alexandria-Essler LAFair42ºF40ºF92%Calm30.15 in07:53 AM
Baton Rouge LAFair51ºF46ºF83%NE 330.13 in07:53 AM
Lafayette LAFair52ºF48ºF86%NE 530.13 in07:53 AM
Monroe LAFair46ºF44ºF93%Calm30.17 in07:53 AM
New Orleans LAA Few Clouds63ºF46ºF54%NE 1330.10 in07:53 AM
Shreveport LA Shallow Fog44ºF43ºF96%Calm30.16 in07:56 AM
Tunica MS Fog/Mist43ºF43ºF100%Calm30.18 in08:15 AM
Tupelo MSFair44ºF40ºF85%NE 330.16 in07:53 AM
Memphis TNA Few Clouds46ºF40ºF79%E 330.17 in07:54 AM
Biloxi MSFair57ºF46ºF67%NE 1030.10 in07:58 AM
Gulfport MSFair56ºF44ºF65%N 730.10 in07:53 AM
McComb MSFair52ºF42ºF69%N 530.13 in07:53 AM
Pascagoula MSFair55ºF49ºF80%N 730.10 in07:53 AM
Birmingham ALFair44ºF42ºF93%Calm30.15 in07:53 AM
Huntsville ALFair47ºF40ºF77%Calm30.14 in07:53 AM
Mobile ALA Few Clouds55ºF48ºF77%N 930.10 in07:56 AM
Montgomery ALFair50ºF47ºF89%Calm30.12 in07:53 AM
Tuscaloosa ALFair44ºF42ºF93%Calm30.15 in07:53 AM
Regional Soundings/Wind Profilers (RAOBs courtesy NCAR)
Area Soundings and Profiler Data Regional WSR-88D VAD Wind Profiles (courtesy College of DuPage)
VAD Wind Profiles

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