1970 to 1979 – The Weather Bureau Becomes The National Weather Service


In July 1970, the name of the Weather Bureau was changed to the National Weather Service and the Jackson office became a Weather Service Office (WSO).

On April 1, 1972, the office in Jackson was charged with forecasting for most of the state of Mississippi and the name was changed to the National Weather Service Forecast Office (WSFO) at Jackson. Mr. Robert Cole became Meteorologist-in-Charge (MIC) with this change, to be followed by Mr. Cliff Green in late 1973.
The office was moved to its own building between the runways of Thompson Field in October of 1978, where it is today. In April 1979, the record Easter Flood on the Pearl River struck the city of Jackson after more than 20 inches of rain fell near Louisville in Winston County. During this historical storm, lightning struck the WSR-57 tower just outside the office and knocked the radar out for several days.
Much of this history is comprised of information from research done by Mr. Murray W. Smith, prepared in 1949 and Gary Grice, prepared on 2006.

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