Bolivar/Sunflower Counties tornado

Event Summary

The tornado started out producing a relatively narrow path of tree damage along Township Road. It moved southeast through the Stanton subdivision, heavily damaging four trailer homes and caused minor to moderate damage to several other homes and outbuildings. It continued to move southeast causing tree damage, and widened as it moved into the northwest side of the city of Cleveland. As the tornado moved through the north side of Cleveland, it snapped and uprooted numerous trees, blew the signs out of several restaurants and stores, blew the doors out of the automotive area of a department store, and blew out a wall and a large part of a roof of another commercial building. Several homes suffered shingle damage and powerlines were downed. The tornado then turned more eastward, continuing to cause tree damage as it moved along and just north of State Highway 8 east of Cleveland. Additional powerlines were downed and a few more homes suffered minor roof damage due to wind or branches falling on them. As the tornado crossed into Sunflower County it moved more southeast again. It snapped several wooden powerpoles along and just south of Highway 8 along Mallette-Jones Road, along with destroying a greenhouse type structure and causing some roof damage to a frame home. The tornado continued to cause tree damage in a relatively narrow path as it crossed Walker Road, and then dissipated before reaching Lusk Road.
Estimated Maximum Wind:
100 mph
Damage Path Length:
11 miles
Maximum Path Width:
800 yards
Approximate Start Point/Time:
6 NW Cleveland              8:04pm
Approximate End Point/Time:
5 ESE Cleveland


Radar Imagery
These images from the Jackson, MS doppler radar show a tornadic thunderstorm at 8:15pm just to the east of Cleveland. The image on the left shows 0.5° base reflectivity data, and the image on the right shows 0.5° storm relative velocity data. Click on the thumbnail below for a higher resolution image.

Bolivar County tornado

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