NE Kemper/Sumter, AL/Pickens, AL Counties Tornado



Event Summary

This tornado touched down just NE of Scooba on Binnsville Rd. Several trees were uprooted and snapped along with a shed damaged. The damaged increased in the area where Binnsville Rd turns east. A well built house had a portion of the roof torn off and the large shed was destroyed. Further northeast, along Sunflower Rd several mobile homes were damaged on the edge of the path with mainly the roofs removed. One mobile home was completely destroyed as everything but the frame was thrown into the woods. Here, a much more intense core of the tornado was observed and the tree damage was high end, EF-2 damage occurred at this location. From that point to the AL state line, EF-2 type tree and power line damage occurred, especially along Thorton Rd. The tornado damaged some buildings at a catfish farm and torn down power lines and more trees along Jones Rd.

The tornado moved into AL and first crossed county road 3 and produced extensive tree damage. The tornado then crossed Hwy 17 at the intersection of county road 34. Extreme tree damage was noted here with all the trees (hardwoods and softwoods) snapped or uprooted. Across county road 34, a section of the path moved across a pine forest. All the pines in the track were snapped at the base or up around 15 ft. No tree was left standing in this location. EF-3 rating The tornado continued into Pickens County and continued to down/snap trees. One location off county road 85, a large cinder block building had part of the roof off and an outer wall down. The tornado continued into the Tombigbee River bottom and may continue further NE. The total path length was at least 16 miles across three counties.

EF-2 in Mississippi
EF-3 in Alabama

Estimated Maximum Wind:
130mph in Mississippi
140mph in Alabama
Damage Path Length:
7 miles(in Mississippi), at least 9 miles into  Sumter/Pickens County, AL
Maximum Path Width:
1/2 mile
Approximate Start Point/Time:

1.9 NE Scooba

Approximate End Point/Time:

8.9 NE Scooba  3:57pm, damage continued to the Tombigbee River in southern Pickens County, AL

Radar Imagery
These images from the Brandon, MS Doppler radar show the tornadic thunderstorm at 3:51pm when it was located near the MS/AL state line in Kemper County, just to the northeast of Scooba. The image on the left shows 0.5° base reflectivity data, and the image on the right shows 0.5° storm relative velocity data. Click on the thumbnail below for a higher resolution image:

Radar -Kemper County tornado

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