February 24, 2011 Severe Weather Event

West Carroll Parish Tornado

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Event Summary

The tornado first touched down near the intersection of highways 585 and 835 in the northwest part of West Carroll Parish. A grain truck was overturned first. Significant damage occurred to the roof of a church and minor damage occurred to the nearby parsonage. Then, the tornado knocked down a very large tree, which fell on a shed and the corner of a house. Two people narrowly escaped harm from this falling tree. As the tornado continued to move east-northeast, it destroyed a small shed, damaged a larger shed, and blew out some windows of a house. A large antenna was also significantly bent over. A travel trailer was turned about 45 degrees into a garage. The next structure the tornado encountered was a double-wide trailer, which had a large part of the roof blown off. Finally, another trailer was turned over in Kilbourne. Numerous trees were snapped and uprooted along the path.

Estimated Maximum Wind:
95 mph
Damage Path Length:
6 miles
Maximum Path Width:
75 yards
Approximate Start Point/Time:

6 WSW Kilbourne

Approximate End Point/Time:


Radar Imagery
These images from the Brandon, MS doppler radar show the tornadic thunderstorm at 7:29pm as it moved along the Louisiana/Arkansas border, approaching the village of Kilbourne. The image on the left shows 0.5° base reflectivity data, and the image on the right shows 0.5° storm relative velocity data. Click on the thumbnail below for a higher resolution image.

Radar - Sharkey County tornado


Damage Photos
Click on the thumbnail below for a larger image


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