It must be stressed that all of this information is preliminary and subject to later adjustment. Tornadoes of this strength and magnitude require a tremendous amount of survey and analysis. An analysis of aerial survey information could still result in a tornado being broken up into more than one path. We will provide updates as additional information is available.



Preliminary Storm Survey for the Violent Long Track Tornado that tracked from west of Tallulah Louisiana to Yazoo City to northeast of West Point 

Preliminary ground surveys along the entire path of the primary supercell thunderstorm that tracked from west of Tallulah, Louisiana to Yazoo City to northeast of West Point on Saturday April 24 have been completed. The preliminary conclusion, based on the ground surveys, is that a single, continuous path of tornadic damage was produced from west of Tallulah Louisiana to the extreme western part of Oktibbeha county in northeast Mississippi. The tornado appeared to dissipate at this point but the storm produced two additional tornadoes in the NWS Jackson service area: an EF-1 in northern Oktibbeha County and an EF-2 in northeast Clay County.

The main long track tornado was strong almost from its initial stage of development in northeast Louisiana. EF-2 and EF-3 damage was common all along the tornado’s path into central Mississippi with areas of EF-4 damage observed in both Yazoo and Holmes counties. After crossing Interstate 55, the tornado weakened with EF-1 and occasional EF-2 damage being commom as the tornado moved across Attala County. The tornado reintensified as it moved into Choctaw County, with at least high end EF-3 damage occurring northwest of the Weir community. The tornado remained strong before rapidly weakening and then dissipating just after moving into Oktibbeha County.

Preliminary Storm Survey Information for Smith County

A number of small trees were snapped. Large limbs were down and 2 large hardwood trees were uprooted.

Preliminary Storm Survey Information for Jasper/Newton/Lauderdale Counties

Major structural damage to a church with roof damage. Shingles and siding were blown off of a house and an outbuilding was destroyed along with damage to a grain silo. Numerous large and very large softwood and hardwood trees were snapped and uprooted.

Preliminary Storm Survey Information for Lauderdale and Kemper Counties

Four barns were destroyed or damaged, a portion of metal building roof was torn off, and one shed was destroyed. Numerous medium and large trees were snapped along the path.

Preliminary Storm Survey Information for Oktibbeha County

One mobile home was destroyed and 20 homes were damaged along Sun Creek and Mitchell Roads. Three power poles were snapped, numerous trees were snapped and uprooted and a barn was damaged.

Preliminary Storm Survey Information for Clay County

 Three sets of metal power poles were bent over. Trees and power lines were also down.

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