Damage Survey from Lamar County

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Lamar County Tornado

Location: Lamar County
Time of Event: 113 AM 12/10/08
Beginning Point: 3 SW Hattiesburg
Ending Point: 2 SW Hattiesburg
Rating: EF1 100 MPH
Path Length: 1 Mile
Maximum Width: 100 Yards
Fatalities: 0
Injuries: 0

Summary of Damages: Damage occurred to 7 apartment buildings. Most of the damage was to siding and to roofs. One apartment building had significant damage to the roof. Several hardwood and softwood trees were snapped, one of which fell onto an apartment building. Two cars were blown into each other and one had the windows broken. Three homes had minor shingle damage and the garage door of one home was damaged. The tornado tossed trees onto Interstate 59. The damage path continued into Forrest County but it was determined that the tornado lifted off the ground and that the Forrest County damage was from straight line winds.

Damage Pictures

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