Western Hinds County Damage

The NWS in Jackson conducted a survey across western Hinds and Warren Counties. The team found extensive straight line wind damage across a large portion of western and west-central Hinds County, as well as much of central Warren County. Four short tornado paths were also found on the north side of the wind damage swaths.

West Hinds Tornado #1:
Starting Point: 6 NW Bolton at 1211 PM CDT
Ending Point: 3 NW Bolton at 1214 PM CDT
Path Length: 3 miles
Maximum Width: 300 yards
Maximum Rating: EF1 with maximum winds 100-110 mph

Summary: This tornado started along Farr Road and tracked east-southeast across Hwy 22 and then across Queens Hill Road. Numerous trees were snapped and uprooted around Farr Road and Hwy 22 with one shed destroyed. Tree damage became more extensive just north and across Queens Hill Road where dozens of trees were snapped and uprooted. Damage along this 3 mile path was concentrated with several trees laid to the northwest or even back to the west. The majority of the trees were down to the southeast or east-southeast. The tornado lifted between Queens Hill and Williams Lake Roads. Tree damage became much more widespread, indicative of straight line damage, across Williams Lake Road.

Radar image at the time of the tornado 6 NW of Bolton

West Hinds Tornado #2:
Starting Point: 2.5 ENE Bolton at 1217 PM CDT
Ending Point: 3.5 E Bolton at 1219 PM CDT
Path Length: 2 miles
Maximum Width: 200 yards
Maximum Rating: EF1 with maximum winds 95 mph

Summary: Another short path of tornadic damage occurred just east-northeast of Bolton. This tornado started along the I-20 Frontage Road and tracked just south of east along I-20 to the Norrell Road Intersection. Two billboards were blown down and destroyed with another heavily damaged. Numerous trees were snapped and uprooted. Within the path of tree damage, several areas indicated trees blown down to the north or northwest while the majority were blown down in the east-southeast direction.

Other Damage from Straight Line Winds:

Wind damage across western Hinds County was also extensive. Widespread tree damage occurred from areas northwest and west of Bolton, in Bolton to areas between Raymond and Clinton. The worst damage occurred along I-20, Carol Johns Road, Williams Lake Road, City of Bolton, S Norrell Road and St. Thomas Road. Nearly a dozen structures were damaged by downed trees within this swath. In the city of Bolton, the Fire Department had most of the roof torn off and a building next to the Post Office was destroyed. This building was a small cinder-block structure, the roof was removed and some walls had collapsed. That area, in the City of Bolton, was the most intense and winds have been estimated between 105 and 115 mph. For the rest of the wind damage, winds are estimated between 80 and 100 mph.

Base Velocity radar data showing 96 kts (110 mph) over Bolton


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