NWS Surface Observations

Regional Weather Conditions
Huntsville05:53 PMA Few Clouds92ºF65ºF41%NE 1330.03 in6:18 AM/7:18 PM
Muscle Shoals05:53 PMFair91ºF68ºF47%E 730.03 in6:21 AM/7:21 PM
Decatur05:53 PMFair90ºF69ºF50%NE 830.03 in6:18 AM/7:18 PM
Fort Payne06:15 PMFair86ºF63ºF46%NE 330.05 in6:14 AM/7:13 PM
Meridianville06:15 PMFair88ºF63ºF43%Calm30.04 in6:16 AM/7:19 PM

Current/Archived Observation Summaries in Text Format
Tennessee Valley Alabama Mississippi
Tennessee Georgia

Other Sources for Surface Observations

Amateur Radio/Citizen Weather Site Data
· NASA/MSFC HAMWeather Plot
· MesoWest/ROMAN Tabular Data

Data from UAH and NASA/SPoRT Partners
· UAH Mobile Integrated Profiling System (MIPS)
· National Space Science and Technology Center (NSSTC) Observation
· North Alabama Lightning Mapping Array
· (CHARM) Cooperative Huntsville Area Rainfall Measurements


Observation Maps and Plots


Nationwide Observations in KML/KMZ Format
· Standard METAR Observations (most large and medium airports)
· RAWS Observations (fire weather observations)
· APRSWXNET Observations (backyard observations)
· Other Observations

Also available: Surface Analysis

Aviation Weather Center Interactive METAR Java Tool

Regional METAR Observation Plots
· Mississippi Valley (centered on Little Rock, AR)
· Tennessee Valley (centered on Montgomery, AL)
· Southeast (centered on Charlotte, NC)


Upper-Air Observations


Regional Upper-Air Observations (from NCAR RAP)
Map of Upper Air Observations KOHX - Nashville, TN KBMX - Birmingham, AL KJAN - Jackson, MS KFFC - Atlanta, GA KLZK - Little Rock, AR KLIX - New Orleans, LA KTLH - Tallahassee, FL KJAX - Jacksonville, FL KSHV - Shreveport, LA KLCH - Lake Charles, LA KSGF - Springfield, MO KCHS - Charleston, SC KGSO - Greensboro, NC KRNK - Blacksburg, VA
· KOHX (Nashville, TN) · KBMX (Birmingham, AL) · KFFC (Atlanta, GA)
· KJAN (Jackson, MS) · KLZK (Little Rock, AR) · KSHV (Shreveport, LA)
· KSGF (Springfield, MO) · KLCH (Lake Charles, LA) · KLIX (New Orleans, LA)
· KTLH (Tallahassee, FL) · KJAX (Jacksonville, FL) · KCHS (Charleston, SC)
· KGSO (Greensboro, NC) · KRNK (Blacksburg, VA)
· Wind Profiler Data from NOAA/FSL
· GOES Profiler Data available in KMZ/KML format


Storm Prediction Center Upper-Air Maps
Latest Data Available: 08/29/16 1200 UTC (7am CDT)

00Z (7pm CDT) 925mb 850mb 700mb 500mb 300mb 250mb
12Z (7am CDT) 925mb 850mb 700mb 500mb 300mb 250mb

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