July 9 - 13, 2012 - Heavy Rainfall and Storm Totals

A weak frontal boundary pushed south into northern Alabama and southern Middle Tennessee on July 9, 2012. This front interacted with a tropical feed of moisture transported north from the Caribbean Sea and produced much needed heavy rainfall through July 13, 2012.  In fact, in many locations in northern Alabama between 2 and 4 inches fell during this time.   In some locations in Lauderdale, Lawrence, and Morgan counties 5 to over 6 inches of rainfall has been reported. Below is an image of rainfall totals for the event beginning at 7 am on July 9th and ending at 7 am on July 13th.

Much Needed Rainfall Lowered Precip Deficits

Climate Site Precip Deficits (July 9th) Precip Deficits (July 12th) 2012 Rainfall As Of July 12th
Huntsville International Airport  7.27 Inches  3.13 Inches  27.23
Muscle Shoals Airport  9.94 Inches  6.61 Inches  23.48
However, conditions will remain very dry (as precipitation totals for the year still remain well below normal), despite the prolonged period of rainfall.


Heaviest Period of Rainfall Between July 9, 2012 and July 12, 2012

Most of this precipitation began at 7 AM on July 9th and ended at 7 AM on July 12th.  The graphic below shows rainfall totals during this period.

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