March 1, 2007 Cullman County Tornado

Representatives from the National Weather Service in Birmingham conducted an aerial survey in Winston and Cullman Counties relating to storm damage reported during the March 1, 2007 tornado outbreak. It was determined that this damage was caused by an EF-2 tornado on the Enhanced Fujita scale with maximum estimated winds of 110-115 mph. The damage track extended 9.1 miles and was a maximum of 100 yards wide, but most of this occurred in Winston County.

The track extended less than 3/4 of a mile into extreme western Cullman County, north of County Road 141 and south of the Nesmith community. By the time the tornado reached Cullman County, it had weakened to a low-end EF-1 tornado, with estimated winds of 75 mph and a path width of 25 to 50 yards. The tornado was responsible only for tree damage within Cullman County before lifting around 3:57 pm CST.

A PDS (particularly dangerous situation) tornado watch issued by the Storm Prediction Center was in effect for Cullman County from 7:29 am through 5:35 pm (canceled early). A tornado warning issued by the National Weather Service in Huntsville was in effect for Cullman County from 3:39 pm through 4:11 pm (canceled early).

For more information on the damage caused by this tornado in Winston County, including photographs, from the National Weather Service in Birmingham, click here (thanks go to our colleagues for the storm survey information).

A weakening supercell thunderstorm with its telltale "hook" shape moves into extreme western Cullman County in this 0.5 degree reflectivity image from the BMX (Birmingham, AL) doppler radar at 3:58pm CST. The tornado is estimated to have lifted about a minute prior to this image. (Reflectivity data has been smoothed for better viewability.)

This is the storm-relative velocity image taken from the BMX (Birmingham, AL) doppler radar at 3:58pm CST. The velocity data showed a well-defined couplet of inbound and outbound winds, signifying strong rotation across Winston County. By the time it got into western Cullman County, the rotation had broadened and weakened significantly (note the orange and green colors in close proximity to each other just west of the Cullman-Winston line). The tornado warning for Cullman County was canceled early at 4:11pm. (Velocity data has been smoothed for better viewability.)



A map of the tornado track, extending from northwest of Arley in Winston County, to south of Nesmith just over the Cullman County line. Map courtesy of the National Weather Service office in Birmingham. is the U.S. government's official web portal to all federal, state and local government web resources and services.