September 22, 2006 Tornado


Survey Summary

Representatives from the National Weather Service and Marshall County Emergency Management completed a damage assessment on Saturday, September 23, related to the severe weather event that occurred Friday evening, September 22. The storm survey focused on the damage path of a tornado that moved within southern portions of the Albertville, Alabama area. This storm had previously produced damage in Blount Count in the city of Oneonta.

The tornado initially touched down near Albertville and initially had a 40 yard width. Estimated maximum winds were in the F-0 range, with winds topping out at 60 miles an hour for a quarter of a mile. The tornado then increased in intensity to F-1 status, with winds estimated to have topped out at 100 miles per hour as it continued in its north and northeast path. Several trees were snapped and uprooted in its path. Several homes also sustained minor roof, awning, and gutter damage along its path as the intensity of the tornado increased. The path width of the tornado was at 500 yards during this portion of the damage. The tornado continued northeast with an F-1 intensity continuing until it gradually dissipated, with a final path length of 3.2 miles.

Below is a map of where the tornado damage occurred and a few pictures taken showing some of the storm damage.

Path of Tornado Storm damage near Albertville
Southern portion of Albertville showing tornado track.
Image from the Hytop, AL (KHTX) doppler radar at 8:13pm CDT. The "mini" supercellular storm displays a clear hook or "pendant" shape structure southwest of Albertville.
Storm damage near Albertville Storm damage near Albertville
Topped trees off of Whitesville Road.
Uprooted trees and downed trees across a driveway. .
Storm damage near Albertville Storm damage near Albertville
Trees uprooted and pushed over near a home.
A very large tree downed near Whitesville Road. Submitted by Loyce Petrey.
Storm damage near Albertville Storm damage near Albertville
A different perspective of the tree damage pictured above. Submitted by Loyce Petrey.
Property damage from downed trees near Whitesville Road. Submitted by Loyce Petrey. is the U.S. government's official web portal to all federal, state and local government web resources and services.