WFO/WSO Huntsville Honors

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AMS Exceptional Prediction Award - Group

For advanced lifesaving warnings and enhanced services during the historic April 27, 2011 tornado outbreak, and for continued dedicated decision support to a wide range of customers. 

DOC Silver Medal - Group

For exemplary customer service and dedication in the face of unprecedented challenges during the April 27, 2011, Tornado Super Outbreak

National Weather Association
Larry R. Johnson Special Award - Group

For advanced lifesaving warnings and enhanced services during the historic April 27, 2011 tornado outbreak, and for continued dedicated decision support to a wide range of customers. 

Alabama Emergency Management Association

For your contribution in advancing emergency management by providing timely, accurate and life-saving severe weather warnings to the citizens of Alabama.
DOC Bronze Medal 2010
For providing proactive and life-saving service during the record-breaking February 5th, 2008, "Super Tuesday" killer tornado outbreak.
National Aeronautics and Space Administration - Group  2010
For implementation of the short-term Prediction and Transition activity which is aimed at improving our nation's weather prediction capabilities through the use of NASA developed satellite data sets and forecasting technology in the National Weather Service Forecast Office.
National Aeronautics and Space Administration - Group  2008
DOC Bronze Medal 2008
For partnering with NASA and the University of Alabama to transition unique research application tools into operational decision support systems, and for transferring these capabilities to other NOAA/NWS offices.
National Weather Association
Operational Achievement Award - Group
For outstanding collaborative work with NASA and UA-Huntsville, which brought unique operational data sets and training into the National Weather Service greatly enhancing the delivery of warnings and forecast services.
National Weather Association
Operational Achievement Award - Group
For providing outstanding weather support services to the Central Gulf Coast Region before, during, and after the devastating hurricane Katrina of August 2005.
DOC Bronze Medal 2006

For life-saving forecasts not only to its own area of responsibility, but also to the 58 counties serviced by WFO Jackson when Hurricane Katrina rendered it inoperable.

DOC Bronze Medal 2005
For customer service enabling public officials and citizens to take necessary, life-saving actions during Hurricane Ivan.
National Aeronautics and Space Administration - Group  2004
DOC Bronze Medal 2003
For providing warnings and other advisories which resulted in no lives being lost despite a historic flooding event in Alabama.
DOC Bronze Medal 1989
For service during the devastating Huntsville Tornado of November 15, 1989.
DOC Silver Medal 1974

Weather Service Office, Huntsville, Alabama
Messrs. Douglas L. Davis, Wilton L. Rodgers, and Thomas E. Ward
For their devotion to duty and outstanding courage during the Huntsville tornado of April 3, 1974. The tornado was sighted in the late afternoon rapidly approaching Huntsville from the southwest on a projected path that included the Weather Service Office. They remained at their posts, disregarding their own personal safety, in order to provide essential warnings of the impending danger to the public. Dramatic warning messages were broadcast over radio and TV alerting the surrounding area residents of the coming disaster. Many lives were saved by the dedication of these three Weather Service employees.

Unit Citation 1974
In recognition of outstanding individual and collective contributions in furthering NOAA's mission.


WFO Huntsville Staff Honors

AMS Francis W. Reichelderfer Award  2011
Jason Burks, ITO and Christopher B. Darden, SOO
For outstanding contributions to the transition of new data sets to NWS forecast offices to improve short-term weather forecasting.
NOAA Administrator Award 2010
Jason Burks, ITO (and 4 other NWS employees)
For developing the innovative iNWS service for use in the provision of critical hydrometeorological data and imagery to NOAA's partners and customers.
Isaac Cline Award - Regional 2008 - Meteorology
Brian Carcione, Forecaster  
For work serving as the primary warning operator during the February 5-6, 2008 tornado outbreak, coupled with his work to incorporate new methodologies into NWS operations.
NOAA Administrator Award 2007
Jason Burks, ITO and Michael Coyne, MIC  
For the development of innovative Geographic Information Systems-based technology and services for use in the provision of critical radar data and imagery to NOAA's partners and customers.
Isaac Cline Award - Regional 2007 - Program Management and Administrative Services
Jason Burks, ITO  
Jason Burks’ leadership and work in regional and national programming efforts have resulted in improved warning operations, better dissemination of National Weather Service (NWS) products, and increased efficiency of NWS computer systems. His achievements over the previous year, from developing cell phone based weather displays to leading work in NWS situational awareness display software, are simply amazing.
Isaac Cline Award - National & Regional 2006 - Support Services
Lary Burgett, OPL  
For providing WFO Huntsville with critical administrative and management support while maintaining an extraordinary level of work in his other responsibilities.
Isaac Cline Award - Regional 2006 - Hydrology
Jason Elliott, Senior Forecaster  
Jason worked tirelessly to ensure that the entire staff is fully equipped to handle any hydrologic related concerns, provided critical expertise and leadership in the Tennessee Valley Coop Modernization efforts, and spearheaded numerous hydro-related outreach projects.
NOAA Administrator Award 2006
Michael Coyne, MIC  
For the successful Polygon Warning Initiative, which demonstrated the value of targeting the most specific area possible to receive severe weather warnings, thereby reducing the number of false alarms to the public.
Isaac Cline Award - Regional 2005 - Leadership
Jason Burks, ITO  
For leadership in a wide array or areas, from infusing an array of new datasets into the National Weather Service operations to leading several WFO HUN community volunteer initiatives.
Isaac Cline Award - Regional 2004 - Program Management and Administration
Jason Burks, ITO  
For development of new programs and data sets that benifit the NWS and partners during hazardous weather situations.
Isaac Cline Award - Regional 2004 - Leadership
Brian Carcione, Forecaster  
For exceptional leadership and vision in leading the Interactive Forecast Preparation System program at the Weather Forecast Office in Huntsville.
Isaac Cline Award - National & Regional 2003 - Meteorology
Chris Darden, Senior Forecaster
William (Bill) Schaub Jr. , Senior Forecaster
Chris and William demonstrated exceptional meteorological skill and professionalism during the operationally challenging north Alabama flash flood and tornado event of May 6, 2003. In the midst of this severe episode, Chris and William maintained excellent situational awareness and never lost sight of the potential for life-threatening flooding. The consistent quality and timeliness of the severe weather information disseminated by WFO HUN during this challenging weather event is a testament to Chris and William's techinical proficiency and leadership skills.
Isaac Cline Award - Regional 2003 - Engineering, Electronics or Facilities
Lloyd Hill, Electorics Technician  
Lloyd’s accomplishments have directly contributed to the success of the National Weather Service in northern Alabama. While heavily involved in installation, setup, and testing of equipment, telecommunication lines, AWIPS system, WFO CRS system, the ORPG for NEXRAD and many other projects. Lloyd was also tasked with the maintenance of the equipment assigned to the WSO in Huntsville. Lloyd accomplished this mission with a strong sense of duty and expertise. If not for his dedication, professionalism, and attention to detail in preparing for the opening of the newest WFO in the National Weather Service, the transfer could not have gone as smoothly as it did. is the U.S. government's official web portal to all federal, state and local government web resources and services.