Listing of Tornadoes that have affected the county of Colbert, AL in the Huntsville County Warning Area.


  • The most deadly tornado is notated by red text.
  • The time refers to the moment when a tornado occurred in the WFO Huntsville County Warning Area.
Date/Time County(ies) F-scale Enhanced or Traditional F-Scale Rating Sustained Wind Speeds(MPH) Path Width (feet) Path Length (miles) Locations Affected Fatalities Injuries Description
7:30 PM
Colbert, AL/Lawrence, AL F1 Enchanced Fujita Scale 86-110 150 5.9 Intersection of Clement Rd/Lagrange Rd to CR 140 just west of Highway 157  0 0

A tornado touched down Monday evening near the intersection of Clement Road and Lagrange Road in the Lagrange community in southeast Colbert County. Here several hardwood trees were either snapped or uprooted. A large outbuilding was completely destroyed and another smaller one sustained significant damage.  Several hardwood trees were sheared off very near the base along Lagrange Road. Damage here was consistent with winds of a least 100 mph. The tornado lifted east northeast crossing over Logan Lane and Waldrep Loop.  Minor damage, mainly lost shingles, was noted to several homes with one home losing an awning. Numerous trees had large  limbs snapped or twisted in the area. The tornado then produced sporadic tree damage in the forested area between  Waldrep Loop and Country Line Road (CR 48).  As the tornado crossed CR 48, substantial tree damage was noted at a homestead.  Large hardwood trees, some greater than 2 feet in diameter, were snapped and uprooted. A utility pole was also snapped near the ground. Damage was consistent with at least  105 mph winds here.  The tornado then tracked east along Wolf Springs Road (CR 236) into western Lawrence County. A few trees were uprooted along CR 236. Further east northeast, branches were snapped sporadically along CR 584 and 235 before the tornado lifted on CR 140 just west of Highway 157.

2:10 PM
Colbert, AL F0 Enchanced Fujita Scale 65-85 100 1.6 Leighton - Just NW of Hatton School Road to Shaw Road/6th Street Intersection 0 0 A weak, short-lived tornado embedded within a quasi-linear convective system touched down about 2 miles now of the town of Leighton, snapping trees near the intersection of 6th Street and Hatton School road. Just to the east of this location, more concentrated damage to large pines (Uprooted and snapped about halfway down) occurred along with minor structural/roof damage to a residence. A car port was lifted and destroyed and undercarriage from a single-wide mobile home was pulled out and thrown into a nearby tree. The damage pattern at this location suggested a circulation/tornado. The tornado continued to track east, uprooting trees in an open field and additional large cedar trees were seen snapped along its path at Shaw cemetery. The tornado continued just a bit farther east before apparently lifting just east of Shaw road, just north of 6th street. Some sporadic inflow/thunderstorm wind damage was seen around this narrow tornado track as several trees were snapped on either side of 6th Street heading toward the Lawrence County line.
11:17 PM
Colbert, AL/Lawrence, AL F2 Enhanced Fujita Scale 111-135 100 2.17 1.86 WNW of Old Bethel to 2.33 W of Wolf Springs 0 0  A tornado touched down immediately west of Waldrep Loop and north of Lagrange Road in extreme southeastern Colbert County. Multiple large trees were snapped and uprooted along the path. The most significant damage occurred to a house along Waldrep Loop, where large sections of the roof structure were removed, or pushed off the adjoining carport. A chicken house across the street completely collapsed with roofing material tossed up to 100 yards. Tree damage continued eastward to the intersection of County Line and Wolf Springs Roads. A church at this intersection sustained roof damage and dozens of trees were snapped and uprooted around a nearby single family home. The tornado continued from Colbert County at the intersection of County Line Road and Wolf Springs Road. The tornado snapped and uprooted trees before lifting
2:46 PM
Colbert, AL F1 Enhanced Fujita Scale 86-110 225 0.26 2.7 N Old Bethel to 2.4 SW Bingham 0 0 This was an EF-1 tornado with a peak wind of 100 mph, path length of 0.26 miles, and a maximum path width of 75 yards. The tornado touched down along County Line Road about one mile south of Whiteoak and moved northward before lifting before reaching Alabama Highway 157 near Bingham. The roof of a church was heavily damaged and several large trees were snapped or uprooted. Also, numerous power lines were blown down.
11:39 AM
Colbert, AL/Lawrence, AL/Lauderdale, AL F2 Enhanced Fujita Scale 111-135 750 21.86 2.2 WNW Midway to Foster's Mill to 3.4 WNW Red Bank to 0.4 NE Wheeler Dam Village to 2.0 SSW Thortontown to 1.5 NNW Rogersville 0 0 A surveillance camera from an equipment company northeast of Leighton captured a tornado on video picking up at least 2 cars and throwing them nearly 40 feet. A home was destroyed and another heavily damaged along River Road and Second Street. Large trees were snapped and uprooted near Fosters Mill at the intersection County Road 40. An 18 wheeler was reported to be overturned in this area as well. The tornado continued its track from Fosters Mill in Colbert County into the far northern tip of Lawrence County. The tornado struck the Doublehead Resort and Lodge producing significant structural damage. A 2-story house was completely lifted off its foundation and moved nearly 20 feet. The entire west-facing side of this house was ripped off along with significant roof damage. The tornado then continued its track from the far northern tip of Lawrence County into Joe Wheeler State Park to 2 miles north of Rogersville. The tornado produced sporadic damage to a garage and large trees in this path.
7:03 AM
Colbert, AL F1 Enhanced Fujita Scale 86-110 60 6.52 1.9 SSE Hobgood Siding to 0.3 NNW Cotton Town 0 0 A storm survey was completed in Colbert County Alabama. A tornado was determined to have touched down about two miles east of Tuscumbia along Highway 20 at the Colbert County Road Department. A building was heavily damaged at the road department. Initially, the tornado produced EF-1 damage for one half of a mile along Highway 72. Up to a 30000 square foot portion of a roof at the Whitesell distribution center was ripped apart by the tornado. The tornado maintained a maximum speed of 85 mph for approximately 1/2 of a mile before weakening as it crossed Highway 72. Its path width while maintaining EF-1 strength was 40 yards. The Tornado then produced EF-0 damage the remainder of its 6.5 mile path. The width of the tornado was 20 yards, while an EF-0. The tornado abruptly dissipated near Cottontown, Alabama. Rear flank downdraft winds likely produced damage to adjacent areas near the tornado including a porch being uplifted at a residence.
4:15 PM
Colbert, AL F0 Fujita Scale <73 60 4 2 N Littleville to 5 SW Leighton 0 0 Trained spotters and law enforcement spotted a tornado which likely made sporadic touchdowns along an estimated 4 mile path. A state trooper viewed the tornado crossing U.S. Highway 43 lifting off the ground over the Spring Valley community. No damage was observed.
5:55 PM
Colbert, AL F1 Fujita Scale 73-112 300 10 Colbert Heights to Leighton 0 0 A tornado with maximum estimated winds of around 90 miles an hour moved northeast from near Colbert Heights elementary school and continued east and northeast to the Colbert Heights high school. Numerous trees were down in the path of the tornado. The initial tornado damage occurred at the Colbert Heights elementary school, where a fence at the baseball field at the elementary school was heavily damaged. A manufactured home across from the elementary school suffered extensive roof and porch damage. Most of the roof was blown nearly 100 yards behind the home. At Colbert Heights high school, damage included a scoreboard, which was blown and twisted off of its base and a nearby baseball dugout at the high school lost its roof. Also, a large outdoor antenna at the high school was twisted in two. There was continuous light tree damage until the tornado reached the Leighton community, where a large barn suffered extensive roof damage. Corn stalks from a nearby field were found embedded between the remaining barn walls. The tornado uprooted five large oak trees before abruptly dissipating in Leighton.
5:29 PM
Colbert, AL F1 Fujita Scale 73-112 300 8 Tuscumbia 0 0 A tornado produced scattered damage from just southwest of Tuscumbia through Tuscumbia. The tornado had an estimated maximum wind speed of around 90 miles an hour before it weakened and eventually dissipated. A gas station on the southwest portion of Tuscumbia suffered extensive damage, where a 50 foot billboard sign was twisted backwards and several of the gas pumps were heavily damaged. One of the gas pumps was dislodged from the pavement. Eight homes suffered minor to moderate roof and structural damage in and around Tuscumbia.
4:50 PM
Colbert, AL F0 Fujita Scale <73 150 <.1 Cherokee 0 0 A short lived tornado knocked over several trees onto three homes, producing minor damage to homes in the Cherokee community.
3:45 PM
Colbert, AL/Lauderdale, AL F1 Fujita Scale 73-112 600 14 2 E Riverton to 4 NE Riverton to 7 W Petersville to 2 NW Petersville 0 3 Tornado touched down and demolished two sheds and destroyed several trees in its path toward Natchez Trace. The tornado continued its path into Lauderdale County and heavily damaged two mobile homes, slightly injuring three people. A barn was also destroyed near where the mobile homes were damaged.
4:40 PM
Colbert, AL F0 Fujita Scale <73 384 0.3 SW Cherokee 0 0 A short lived tornado downed a few trees in a short and concentrated path.
4:25 PM
Colbert, AL F0 Fujita Scale <73 180 0.2 Cherokee 0 0 A short lived weak tornado downed a few trees and snapped power lines.
5:33 AM
Colbert, AL F0 Fujita Scale <73 150 0.1 Muscle Shoals 0 0 Several trees and power lines down and shingles blown off of several homes.
3:43 PM
Colbert, AL F0 Fujita Scale <73 90 1 Muscle Shoals community 0 0 A tornado briefly touched down 5 miles south of Muscle Shoals with little or no damage. The tornado was also reported on the Muscle Shoals surface observation at 1543 through 1557. Emergency management surveyed the area of the tornado report and could not find any damage in a mostly open space.
12:08 PM
Colbert, AL F1 Fujita Scale 73-112 150 3 1.2 WNW Leighton (Sockwell Lane and CR 22) to 1.3 W Section 0 1 A tornado touched down near the intersection of Sockwell Lane and CR 22 and moved nearly due east causing damage to five house in the area where it first touched down and to the high school near the end of the track. One person was injured when he fell down the stairs heading to the shelter. Several trees were also downed. Several storage sheds were destroyed too.
3:45 PM
Colbert, AL F1 Fujita Scale 73-112 450 6.5 Muscle Shoals 0 0 A supercell thunderstorm moved out of Mississippi into Colbert County producing numerous reports of large hail. A small tornado touched down about 2 miles east of the Muscle Shoals Airport and moved on a path about 6 and a half miles in length. Several buildings sustained some damage along with power lines and trees down. Emergency Medical Association reported that five houses and 3 mobile homes were damaged.
10:00 PM
Colbert, AL F1 Fujita Scale 73-112 120 2.5 Muscle Shoals 0 1 At 2200 CST, a small tornado occurred in Muscles Shoals that destroyed a service station, restaurant, and several other businesses. The tornado moved northeast through Muscle Shoals touching down periodically for about 2.5 miles. Estimated damage was over $1 million.
4:20 PM
Franklin, AL/Colbert, AL/Lawrence,AL F3 Fujita Scale 158-206 600 60 approximately 2.1 NW of Pleasant Site to Tuscumbia and Town Creek to extreme northern Lawrence County 0 16 The tornado touched down just inside the Alabama line at the junction of Colbert and Franklin counties. It then continued northeast touching down on the southeastern edge of Tuscumbia. The tornado then moved into northern Lawrence County touching down 4 miles north of Town Creek on Highway 101. The tornado lifted in extreme northern Lawrence County near the junction of Lauderdale, Lawrence, and Limestone Counties. The worst damage occurred at a truck stop in Colbert County at the intersection of Highway 20 and 133. Fuel pumps, a service building, and a restaurant were demolished. Four people were injured in a car wreck due to the storm and 12 people were injured when the restaurant was destroyed. There were no deaths. Over the entire path about 9 homes were totally destroyed, 13 received major damage, and 25 received minor damage. One business was totally destroyed. Several mobile homes were destroyed. Numerous trees were uprooted. Total damage estimates were placed at 2 million dollars in Colbert County and 200 thousand dollars in Lawrence County.
11:35 AM
Colbert, AL F2 Fujita Scale 113-157 300 8 Spring Valley to Muscle Shoals 0 2 A 77 year old woman and her 13 year old grandson were injured when a tornado hit the Spring Valley area south of Muscle Shoals. Damage in the Spring Valley area included 2 houses, 3 mobile homes and 3 outbuildings destroyed and extensive damage to a school. Damage north into Muscle Shoals was mainly to trees and utility lines, but some buildings sustained roof damage.
8:20 PM
Colbert, AL F0 Fujita Scale <73 UNK UNK Cherokee 0 0 Tornado was sighted by public in Cherokee moving eastward. Several boats were blown from a boathouse near the tornado's path.
6:45 PM
Colbert, AL F1 Fujita Scale 73-112 UNK 2 Tennesee River 0 0 Tornado sighted as it moved eastward across Tennessee River and lifted a large column of water. Tornado disappeared as soon as it struck a bluff overlooking the river. Only damage was 12 uprooted trees.
10:00 AM
Colbert, AL F1 Fujita Scale 73-112 UNK 14.4 Littleville to near Muscle Shoals 0 0 Damage to trees and power lines reported near Littleville. Tornado skipped north-northeast in open country into Muscle Shoals where school building, stadium and a few buildings nearby were damaged. Damage mainly to windows and two light towers which were demolished.
7:00 PM
Colbert, AL/Lawrence, AL F3 Fujita Scale 158-206 UNK 15 Cooks Lane Community south of Tuscumbia to 3 miles N of Town Creek 0 3 Tornado demolished house trailer in Cooks Lane Community south of Tuscumbia and then skipped east-northeast in a rural area uprooting trees, knocking down power lines, and damaging or destroying several barns. Storm moved into Lawrence County and struck about 3 miles north of Town Creek where 7 houses were demolished, several houses and a church damaged and several farm buildings destroyed . Three people were injured, one of which was lifted from 1 house and dropped about 200 feet away in another house.
7:30 AM
Colbert, AL/Lauderdale, AL/Limestone, AL F3 Fujita Scale 158-206 UNK 29.8 Tuscumbia to Muscle Shoals to Sheffield to Wilson Dam to Center Star to Anderson 0 22 Tornado struck first in Tuscumbia and then moved east-northeast across the Muscle Shoals and Sheffield areas, the Wilson Dam , Center Star and Anderson. About 60 houses destroyed, 400 houses damaged, 40 small business damaged and about 100 farm buildings destroyed or damaged. 75% of damaged mention in previous sentence was due to this tornado.
11:00 PM
Colbert, AL F1 Fujita Scale 73-112 UNK UNK Littleview 0 0 This tornado struck briefly near Littleville, unroofing 3 houses and moving another off its foundation. Several farm buildings were also destroyed. Almost all damage was due to the tornado.
9:00 PM
Colbert, AL/Lawrence, AL/Lauderdale, AL F2 Fujita Scale 113-157 300 20 SE Spring Valley to 3 miles S Leighton to 3 miles N of Town Creek to to near Rogersville 0 0 This tornado moved NE from SE of Spring Valley, passing 3m S of Leighton, hitting 3m N of Town Creek, passing east of the Wheeler Dam, and lifted near Rogersville. Two large barns and a large home were destroyed on one farm, east of Leighton. A man was killed and one of three tenant homes destroyed in Colbert County. A mattress from one of them was carried a mile and a half.
11:15 PM
Colbert, AL F2 Fujita Scale 113-157 UNK UNK Littletown 0 7 This tornado damaged the city hall and all seven businesses in the town of Littleville. Three homes were destroyed and a dozen more were damaged.
12:30 PM
Colbert, AL F2 Fujita Scale 113-157 600 5.4 Allsboro 0 1 This tornado moved NE from Allsborro. Two homes were destroyed and one was damaged. A cotton gin was damaged and a truck overturned.
4:10 PM
Colbert, AL F3 Fujita Scale 158-206 60 0.1 began 6 miles SW of Tuscumbia 1 8 This tornado moved NE at Wheeler Mountain, 6m SW of Tuscumbia. A woman was killed and her husband and six children were injured in a farm house. The house was carried 100 feet and dashed to the ground. Six more homes were damaged.
2:05 AM
Colbert, AL/Lauderdale, AL F2 Fujita Scale 113-157 300 4 Florence 0 3 This tornado moved NE, tearing apart roofs and walls of 73 buildings in the East Hill community, just east of Florence. Much of the damage was due to exposure to rain. About 150 people were left homeless. The funnel had crossed the Tennessee River between Florence and Sheffield and damaged buildings at the Wilson Dam.
9:00 PM
Itawamba, MS/Franklin, AL/Colbert, AL F3 Fujita Scale 158-206 UNK 25 Mississippi border near Red Bay to near Frankfurt 8 55 This tornado hit Red Bay and near Frankfurt. Little damage was reported in extreme NE Itawamba county. Four people died as 30 homes were damaged or destroyed at Red Bay and 3 more died in a filling station. One person died as a house collapsed 3 miles west of Frankfurt. All of the 145,000 damage was across Franklin County. This event is probably related to and may be continuous with the disastrous Tupelo event.
4:45 PM
Colbert, AL F2 Fujita Scale 113-157 180 12 Littleville 1 12 Moved NE at Littleville. A man was killed as a gas station, two homes, and a store were destroyed on the NW side of the village.
2:30 AM
Colbert, AL/Lawrence, AL/Lauderdale, AL F2 Fujita Scale 113-157 UNK 5 2 S of Tennessee River to just N of Town Creek 0 3 The tornado moved NE from 2 miles S of the Tennessee River. The funnel crossed the river and overturned a steamer near " Clark's Landing" , north of Town Creek. Three homes were destroyed.
3:00 AM
Franklin, AL/Colbert, AL F3 Fujita Scale 158-206 UNK 20 N of Russellville to 4 miles NW of Leighton(including Litttleville and Spring Valley) 5 50 The tornado moved NNE from north of Russellville, hitting small communities near Littleville and Spring Valley. It then dissipated 4 miles NW of Leighton. At least seven homes were destroyed and five deaths occurred on two different farms. Large cotton bales were thrown for hundreds of yards.
1:00 AM
Colbert, AL/Lauderdale, AL F2 Fujita Scale 113-157 UNK 12 3 miles E of Tuscumbia NNE 12 miles 1 10 The tornado moved NNE from 3 miles E of Tuscumbia, hitting near Killen. One man was killed as a half dozen tenant homes were destroyed on one farm.
8:00 AM
Oktibbeha, MS/Clay, MS/Monroe, MS/Itawamba, MS/Marion, AL/Franklin, AL/Colbert, AL/Lawrence, AL F4 Fujita Scale 207-260 2400 130 Near Bradley, MS to NW Lawrence County 88 700 From a point near Bradley, this major tornadic event moved to the NE and leveled over 200 small homes in MS. Seven deaths occurred as funnel passed NW of Starkville and 10 people died near Cedar Bluff. Encountering one large town in its path, the tornado killed 22 people along the west edge of Aberdeen, and added five other deaths elsewhere in the county. Entering SW Marion county, AL, the tornado destroyed several farms S of Bexar, causing 9 deaths in the area. 11 more people were killed further NE in Marion county. Over 500 hogs were killed on one farm. In Franklin County scores of homes were leveled or blown away, as 19 people were killed, mostly in the Waco area, including 9 in one family. The tornado finally weakened after crossing SE Colbert county causing 4 deaths, and it lifted in NW Lawrence county after causing one more death.
12:00 AM
Colbert, AL F3 Fujita Scale 158-206 300 1 7 miles SW of Tuscumbia 1 1 This tornado began seven miles southwest of Tuscumbia. A two-year old boy was killed as the home of a prominent farmer was wrecked.
6:00 PM
Colbert, AL/Lauderdale, AL F4 Fujita Scale 207-260 UNK 23 5 miles SW of Tuscumbia to near Brickville 14 30 This tornado moved NE from 5 m SW of Tuscumbia to near "Brickville". About 100 homes (1/3 of town) were damaged or destroyed "mansions". Some passengers were injured after the tornado destroyed a railroad bridge and derailed a train a few minutes later.

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Note: The sources above were used to obtain a list of all confirmed severe events produced by thunderstorms in the Huntsville CWA. This is not a list of all tornado occurences that have ever affected this area. More tornadoes has most likely occurred in rural areas where people are sparsely poplulated, especially prior to 1970. is the U.S. government's official web portal to all federal, state and local government web resources and services.