• Fill in a value for every day!  The easiest way to do this is by making an entry every day.  Also, when you report every day, our office receives the data and can include it in our daily forecasting process and products. If you do not make an entry everyday, then we ask that you please go back before the end of the month and fill in the missing days. See below for instructions on how to go back and fill in missing days.

  • On days with no rain/snow, fill in a "0.00" value for that day. By filling in a zero amount, you let us and NCDC know that the data is not missing and that there really was no (measurable) precipitation on that day.

  • How to fill in data for missing days:
        When you log into WxCoder, you should be familiar with the following screen:

Wx Coder Example   

In order to change the date, click on the calendar symbol next to the current date. This will pop up a calendar in a new window. Select the date you need to enter data by clicking on the number of the day. The red highlighted day is the current day. You can also change the month or year by using the arrows at the top. Once you have selected the day, the calendar will disappear and you should note the date has changed in the “Date/time of observation” window:


Wx Coder Example

You have now successfully changed the date and can enter your observation like normal. If you took your observation at a time other than your regularly scheduled time, remember to change the time in the “Date/time of observation” element:


WxCoder Time Section

Once you have entered in your observation, click on the “Submit Data” button at the bottom, and you are done!

If you need to enter in observations for several days, you will need to repeat the process for each day by changing the calendar day. You can return to the observation section by clicking on the “Enter your observation!” link in the upper left. 

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