COOP Observers can help the National Weather Service by reporting and recording severe weather when it strikes in their area. The reports you send or call in help us to determine the severity of storms, record damage done by storms, verify our warnings and update our warnings in real-time providing you and the rest of North Texas with the most up-to-date information. Here are three ways that you can report severe weather :
1. Severe Weather Reporting Line: 1-800-792-2257
     When calling this line, report where you are located, what severe weather event occurred (hail, tornado, flash flooding, etc), the time of the event, and any damage or other important information you can provide us (i.e. the size of the hail, the size of tree limbs that were knocked down, etc�)
2. Our online reporting form
      You can now report severe weather using an online form that is located on our webpage ( Just click on the red box on our front page (titled 'Submit Storm Reports'), and the link will take you to the online form. Fill in as much information as you can. When you submit this form, the information comes immediately into our office. This online form can be sent during or after an event. Refer to our webpage for more information about this form.
3. B-91 Forms
     You can make comments about severe weather on your monthly B-91 forms. The 'Weather' column allows you to check off when hail or damaging winds occurred. Use the 'Remarks' column to write more detailed information such as the time of the hail or damaging winds, the size of the hail, or any damage that occurred. You can also use the 'Remarks' column to record flash flooding such as water over roads or road closures in your area. is the U.S. government's official web portal to all federal, state and local government web resources and services.