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Lightning Sets Tree on Fire in Union County

July 6, 2006

On July 5, 2006 thunderstorms produced frequent lightning strikes in Union County, Georgia. The photo below shows the results of one of the strikes. The photo was provided by Ken Wallace, and he also provides the following account...

"This is a tree at a dairy across the road from us. The lightning of this evening's (07/05/2006) storms was horrific. We are about 10 miles northeast of Blairsville GA, in Union County. The storm started about 7 p.m., then initially weakened. We had some gusty winds, and a little lightning. It started to lighten up, then the lightning started. We had almost an hour of ground strikes all around us. The tree caught fire after a lightning strike around 8:00 pm. As of 10:00 pm now, it is still burning. Thought you might be interested in the photo."

Thanks, Ken.

[ Tree burning after being struck by lightning ]

Tree burning after being struck by lightning



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