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Tornadoes in Central Georgia - Photos
March 1, 2007

Webster County

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This tornado tracked across Webster...Sumter...and Macon counties...from Chambliss to about 17 miles northeast of Americus. It was rated EF3. Path length approximately 38 miles and maximum width of one mile in Americus. Heaviest damage was in the city of Americus around the Sumter Regional Hospital. The hospital was evacuated and is not being used. Hundreds of homes...businesses and vehicles were affected with significant damage or totally destroyed. Two confirmed deaths and numerous injuries were associated with this storm in Americus. Three injuries also occurred northeast of Chambliss on East Centerpoint Road when a concrete block house and two machine shops were totally destroyed. The road in front of the house had 25 feet of asphalt ripped out. Five cows were killed in the same area. A tractor trailer was overturned and burned at the intersection of highway 520 and TV Tower Road in south Webster County. The 1600 foot Georgia Public Television tower in the same area was snapped off with only 150 feet still standing.

Photo pages...

Samples of Tornado Damage Seen During NWS Survey ( click images to enlarge )
[ Farm buildings flattened ]
Farm buildings flattened.
[ Where mobile home once stood ]
Where mobile home once stood.
[ remains of mobile home ]
remains of mobile home
[ vehicles included in debris ]
vehicles included in debris
[ debris from destroyed home ]
debris from destroyed home
[ all that remains of a radio tower ]
All that remains of a radio tower.
[ aftermath at one homesite ]
Aftermath at one homesite.
[ tree damage ]
tree damage
[ tree damage ]
tree damage
[ road patched after tornado ripped up asphalt ]
road patched after tornado ripped up asphalt.
[ another view of radio tower ]
another view of radio tower
[ base of radio tower ]
base of radio tower


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