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Severe Thunderstorms in Georgia
February 26, 2008

Report issued February 26, 2008
at least 2 confirmed tornadoes in North Georgia...

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[ map of tornado track ]

A strong upper level disturbance tapped into a southerly flow of a warm moist air off the Gulf of Mexico to produce a lines of thunderstorms during the early morning hours of February 26, 2008. The first line of storms crossed the Alabama border just prior to daybreak, and announced its arrival by knocking down trees and power lines across a wide area west of Atlanta. Thunderstorms were producing winds of 50 to 65 mph as the line plowed east toward the Atlanta Metropolitan area. At least 2 tornadoes formed in the line of storms - both hitting Carroll County. The stronger of the two tornadoes occurred west of Carrollton. This tornado was rated EF3 by a storm survey team from the National Weather Service Forecast Office in Peachtree City, GA. The second tornado in the county occurred just east of Carrollton and was assigned an EF1 intensity rating. At least 2 injuries were reported in Carroll County.

At least 3 others were injured by the severe thunderstorms as they rolled through the Atlanta area. Numerous trees were blown down onto roads...houses...and vehicles. Winds were clocked at 64 MPH in Marietta, and 60 MPH at Fulton County Airport on the west side of the city. The Atlanta International Airport reported a gust of 52 MPH.

The line of storms re-organized later in the morning and produced hail the size of pennies and nickels in several counties across west central Georgia. This was followed by another round of strong gusty winds that affected the Columbus area and many counties to the east - all the way to Vidalia.

Note... The information above and the map below may not be complete as of this writing. Additional surveys are planned.

Below is a map of the counties known to be hit by tornadoes, hail the size of pennies or larger, and straight line winds resulting significant damage.

Radar Reflectivity Imagery ( click images to enlarge )
[ Radar image as tornado was about to touch down in Carroll County ]
Radar image as tornado was about to touch down in Carroll County
[ Radar image as storms rolled into Atlanta ]
Radar image as storms rolled into Atlanta.

map showing those counties hit by severe thunderstorms on February 26, 2008


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