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Thanksgiving: Past and Present

Thanksgiving, November 22nd this year, is approaching fast! Average temperatures for November 22nd are quite refreshing with average maximum temperatures ranging from the upper 50s across the north to the upper 60s and lower 70s across central Georgia. Average minimum temperatures range from the lower 30s across north Georgia to the mid 40s across central Georgia.

[ Average Maximum Temperature for Nov. 22. ]
Average Maximum Temperature for November 22nd.
[ Average Minimum Temperature for Nov. 22. ]
Average Minimum Temperature for November 22nd.
*The above data are based on climate and coop stations with at least 20 years of data.

In regards to extreme temperatures, the four climate sites (Atlanta, Athens, Columbus and Macon) all have record maximum temperatures in the upper 70s to lower 80s. At Atlanta and Athens, the record maximum temperatures were set last year. Record minimum temperatures for November 22nd are quite chilly! All four sites set below freezing records. We won't see snow on Thanksgiving this year, but it has occurred on November 22nd in the past, with a trace of snow recorded in Athens back in 1952.

[ Records for November 22nd ]
Temperature, Precipitation and Snow Records for November 22nd.

In history, a few significant weather events have occurred across north and central Georgia on November 22nd. In 1992, a severe weather outbreak occurred across the area, producing several tornadoes. The strongest tornadoes were an F4 in Putnam and Greene Counties and another F4 tornado in Cobb and Cherokee Counties. The two tornadoes caused 5 deaths and over 100 injuries. Damage during this event was estimated near $54 million. A more recent significant weather event on November 22nd occurred in 2011. A line of thunderstorms moved through Houston County and produced a microburst near Elko. This destroyed a chicken house resulting in $50,000 in damage. The damage was extremely localized as none of the neighboring structures suffered any damage.

As for snow, while no snow has been recorded on November 22nd, there have been flurries reported in Atlanta on Thanksgiving Day - in 1938 when Thanksgiving was November 24th and in 1936 when Thanksgiving was November 26th.  Snow has never been recorded on Thanksgiving Day in Athens, Columbus or Macon.

So what will this year bring? The clouds will clear out of north and central Georgia by Thanksgiving and allow for a sunny day. High temperatures will range from the mid 60s across north Georgia to the lower 70s across central Georgia. Low temperatures Thursday morning will range from the upper 30s north to the mid 40s across central Georgia. Looking ahead from the beginning of Thanksgiving week, Thanksgiving is shaping up to be a beautiful day weather wise!



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