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Skywarn TM Spotter Training Program

Any person or organization can become SKYWARN TM spotters, but must first receive training from the National Weather Service.

Spotter classes offered through the National Weather Service in Peachtree City are normally conducted during the period January through March 15. Each presentation will be made to groups of 2 to 4 counties. County groupings are predetermined.

Emergency Managers will be coordinating between the counties they're grouped with, as well as any amateur radio operators in the area. As dates and times are arranged, we will post the information to our website to assist you with the advertising. Individuals interested in attending a class will be asked to contact the EMA office of their respective county.

Having spotters and dispatchers from a county attend the course is an integral part of a county getting StormReady recognition. Hence, if a county is considering applying for StormReady, this is the time to meet the spotter class requirement. If the county has had a class, it must have been conducted within the past two years of making application.

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The January through March 15th period is normally the ONLY time spotter classes are presented. However, depending on demand, a second season of classes is sometimes conducted during the September to November time frame. If you or your group would like to schedule spotter training, please contact the Emergency Management Agency of your county about your interest.

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