NOAA and Jack Elrod at the 2004 NSTA Convention
April 1 - 4, 2004

NOAA and the NWS Forecast Office in Peachtree City recently participated in the NSTA's Annual Convention held in Atlanta. At the 4-day event held in early April, we were pleased to be able to present an exhibit covering three topics that NOAA has identified as strategic goals for the agency:

  1. Protecting/Restoring/Managing Coastal and Ocean Ecosystems
  2. Understanding Climate Change
  3. Providing Weather and Water Information

A highlight of the event was the participation of Jack Elrod, the author/artist of the "Mark Trail" comic strip. He uses the strip to promote NOAA WEATHER RADIO, a vital method of disseminating critical weather information across the nation.

video clip of interview with Mr. ElrodMr. Elrod discusses how he got involved with promoting NOAA Weather Radio.

Mr. Jack Elrod, artist of "Mark Trail" comic strip
[ Mr. Elrod signing autographs ] [ Jack and a couple of friendly admirers ]
[ at times fans waited in trail - uh, er - line ]



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