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EF-4 Georgia Tornado Tracks* 
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Note: No EF-5 tornadoes have been reported in Georgia

Georgia Tornado Tracks (EF-4)

*Note: These maps are based on data from the Storm Prediction Center from 1950-2009. The data is preliminary and thus all tornado events may not be included in the image. There may be differences in this data from the Storm Prediction Center versus using Storm Data from the National Climatic Data Center. Although the E- scale is denoted here, both F-scale and EF-scale tornado data is all included in the EF-scale number for simplicity. For example, an F-3 and an EF-3 tornado are both listed under EF-3. Even though some long-tracked tornadoes are depicted in some of the images, it is possible that these tornadoes lifted and touched down again - now we would classify it as multiple tornadoes depending on the separation distance of the damage.

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