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Cobb County Tornadoes
April 8, 2006
Two tornadoes hit Cobb County on April 8, 2006. The one that touched down in the western part of the county, skipped along and wound up in Marietta was rated F0 on the Fujita intensity scale. The second tornado (rated F1) struck the northeast corner of the county and continued on into Fulton County. The areas affected are shown on the map below. Examples of the damage that occurred are shown in the images below the map. (A field survey was conducted by representatives of the National Weather Service Forecast Office in Peachtree City, Georgia.)

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[ tornado damage path ]

Cobb County

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Examples of Damage in Cobb County ( click images to enlarge )
[ Trees snapped and on top of house. ]
Trees snapped and on top of house. (NWS survey team)
[ House suffered major damage on one end. ]
House suffered major damage on one end. (NWS survey team).
[ Several trees sheared off. ]
Several trees sheared off. (NWS survey team)



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