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Climatology for Christmas Day


As Christmas Day draws closer, many questions arise about what kind of weather Georgia has seen on Christmas. What has been the warmest Christmas? When was the coldest Christmas? Has Georgia ever seen a white Christmas? Here is some information that will answer some of these questions.

On average, high temperatures ranged from the mid 40s across north Georgia to the mid 60s across central Georgia. The average low temperatures range from the mid 20s across north Georgia to the mid 40s across central Georgia. However, days of Christmas past have been quite warm with the record high temperatures in the 70s across north and central Georgia. We have also seen bitterly cold Christmas days where record low temperatures were in the single digits.

Record Temperatures for December 25
  Atlanta Athens Macon Columbus
  Max Min Max Min Max Min Max Min
Record Temp. (°F) 72 0 77 3 78 7 76 8
Year 1889, 1987 1983 1955, 1982 1983 1982 1983 1982 1983

While most Christmas days have been dry, record rainfall amounts have exceeded 2.0 inches at all of the climate sites. With a dry forecast for Christmas 2013, we won't be breaking any precipitation records!

Record Precipitation for December 25
  Atlanta Athens Macon Columbus
Precipitation (inches) 2.06 2.27 2.68 3.32
Year 1945 1945 1964 1964

Although we have had very cold Christmases, records show that a White Christmas is rare in Georgia, however we do not have to go back too far for Georgia's history to see the last white Christmas. It happened in 2010! Most of the snow on Christmas Day 2010 fell across extreme north Georgia with 6 to 7 inches quite common from Trenton to Blairsville. However snow was seen as far south as central Georgia. Columbus tied a record snowfall for Christmas Day of a trace, previously set in 1970. Athens and Macon both set new records for snowfall for that day. Athens new record snowfall of 2.0 inches on Christmas Day 2010 broke their previous record of 0.2 inches set in 1993. In Macon, the 0.1 inches that fell in 2010 was the very first snowfall they have seen on Christmas Day...ever!

Snowfall on December 25
  Atlanta Athens Macon Columbus
Number of Days snowfall ≥ 0.1" 3 2 1 0
Number of Days snowfall = Trace 13 1 0 2

Record Snowfall on December 25
  Atlanta Athens Macon Columbus
Snow Amount 1.6 2.0 0.1 Trace
Year of Occurence 1881 2010 2010 2010, 1970


[ Average Maximum Temperature for Dec 25. ]
Avearage Maximum Temperature for Dec. 25th.
[ Average Minimum Temperature for Nov. 25. ]
Average Minimum Temperature for Dec. 25th.
*The above data is based on climate and coop stations with at least 20 years of data.

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