We are currently looking for a Cooperative Weather Observer volunteer near Yorktown, Texas.

We are looking for someone within a 5 mile circle (see map below) of Yorktown, to take daily weather observations for climate purposes.

Becoming an NWS Cooperative observer volunteer requires the following:

   1. Dedication to public service.
   2. Attention to detail.
   3. Ability to learn and perform daily duties.
   4. Willingness to allow NWS to place measuring instruments on your property.
   5. Willingness to allow at least two visits per year from a NWS representative.
   6. Ownership of a computer and internet service.

Your duties would include collecting, recording, & disseminating precipitation data once daily at 8 am.  Here's the equipment we install:

We provide, install, maintain, & repair all weather equipment: an 8 inch rain gauge. We ask you safeguard the equipment as best you can. If the equipment fails, please let us know as soon as possible. We’ll need access to the equipment for routine maintenance once a year, & for any emergency repair. We’ll make every effort to coordinate visits with you.


The 8 inch rain gauge.  If precipitation (rain, snow, etc.) occurred in the past 24 hours, measure the amount of water in the can, and empty it.  Record the 24 hour water amount.


For more information, please view the National Weather Service Cooperative Observer Program website at:

If you are in the proper area (see map above) and are interested in becoming one of our citizen observers please email:

steve.smart@noaa.gov and joseph.baskin@noaa.gov

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