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Climate Records for Austin Bergstrom

These records cannot be substituted for a certified copy issued by the National Weather Service. For a certified copy, please contact the National Climatic Data Center, Asheville, NC, at 1-828-271-4800, or online at
***There will be some delay in updating this climate information. Due to the time involved, this information cannot be made available on a real-time basis.***

Daily Records for Each Month

Precipitation:...Beginning in October 1942
Temperature:....Beginning in October 1942

January Daily

February Daily

March Daily

April Daily

May Daily

June Daily

July Daily

August Daily

September Daily

October Daily

November Daily

December Daily

Temperature and Precipitation by the Month for Each Year

Observed Precipitation:...Beginning in October 1942
Observed Temperature:....Beginning in October 1942

Monthly/Annual Average Temperature
Monthly/Annual Average Precipitation

1981 to 2010 30 Year Daily Normals

Daily Highs, Lows, and Rainfall

Monthly CF6 Data follows.

CF6 Monthly Data

Climate Summary

Austin Climate Summary

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