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Kaneohe Bay MCAF
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WeatherSky Cond. Temperature (ºF)Relative
PressurePrecipitation (in.)
AirDwpt6 hour altimeter
sea level
1 hr 3 hr6 hr
0323:57NE 12 G 21NAOvercastFEW027 OVC0507769 77%29.831009.5
0322:57NE 16NAOvercastBKN030 BKN036 OVC049NANA NA29.841010.1
0321:57NE 13 G 20NAOvercastOVC030NANA NA29.841010.1
0320:57NE 15NAOvercastOVC032NANA NA29.841010.1
0319:57NE 14NAOvercastFEW032 OVC055NANA NA29.821009.4
0318:57NE 16 G 23NAOvercastBKN033 OVC044NANA NA29.811009.1
0317:57NE 15NAOvercastOVC050NANA NA29.791008.4
0316:57NE 13NAOvercastSCT032 OVC048NANA NA29.791008.4
0315:57NE 15NAOvercastFEW030 OVC047NANA NA29.771007.8
0314:57NE 15NAOvercastFEW028 SCT037 OVC047NANA NA29.781008.1
0313:57NE 13 G 22NAOvercastSCT029 BKN038 OVC0608169 67%29.791008.3
0312:57NE 13NAPartly CloudySCT0408167 62%29.811008.9
0311:57NE 13NAMostly CloudyFEW033 BKN065NANA NA29.821009.4
0310:57NE 10NAFairCLRNANA NA29.841010.1
0309:57NE 9NAFairCLRNANA NA29.841010.1
0308:57NE 9NAA Few CloudsFEW032NANA NA29.831009.8
0307:57E 10 G 18NAFairCLR7765 66%29.811008.8
0306:57NE 10 G 16NAA Few CloudsFEW0607764 64%29.801008.5
0305:57NE 10NAOvercastOVC0607765 66%29.791008.3
0304:57NE 12NAPartly CloudyFEW034 SCT060NANA NA29.781008.1
0303:57NE 14 G 18NAA Few CloudsFEW034NANA NA29.771007.8
0302:57NE 10NAPartly CloudySCT033NANA NA29.771007.8
0301:57NE 10NAOvercastFEW035 OVC060NANA NA29.781008.1
0300:57NE 12NAMostly CloudyBKN060NANA NA29.791008.4
0223:57NE 13NAMostly CloudySCT036 BKN060NANA NA29.801008.8
0222:57NE 12NAA Few CloudsFEW033NANA NA29.811009.1
0221:57NE 13NAMostly CloudySCT033 BKN046 BKN065NANA NA29.831009.8
0220:57NE 12NAPartly CloudyFEW034 SCT060NANA NA29.821009.4
0219:57NE 12NAFairCLRNANA NA29.821009.4
0218:57NE 157.00OvercastFEW035 SCT042 OVC0557865 64%29.811008.8
0217:57NE 167.00Mostly CloudySCT034 BKN046 BKN0607866 67%29.781007.9
0216:57NE 157.00Partly CloudyFEW033 SCT0508471 65%29.761007.4
0215:57NE 177.00Partly CloudyFEW032 SCT0438471 65%29.751006.9
0214:57NE 157.00A Few CloudsFEW0378268 63%29.751006.8
0213:57NE 157.00Mostly CloudyBKN0388268 63%29.761007.3
0212:57NE 157.00A Few CloudsFEW0338270 67%29.781007.9
0211:57NE 147.00A Few CloudsFEW0348166 61%29.811008.8
0210:57NE 137.00Partly CloudySCT0338368 61%29.831009.6
0209:57NE 147.00Mostly CloudyFEW035 SCT043 BKN0508065 60%29.841010.0
0208:57NE 167.00Mostly CloudyBKN039 BKN0757966 65%29.851010.1
0207:57NE 177.00OvercastSCT029 BKN033 OVC0707766 69%29.831009.6
0206:57N 15NAPartly CloudyFEW028 SCT0707567 76%29.821009.1
0205:57N 13NAMostly CloudySCT028 BKN0347566 74%29.811008.8
0205:44N 14NAMostly CloudySCT028 BKN0347567 76%29.80NA
0205:37N 13NAMostly CloudyBKN028 BKN0367567 76%29.80NA
0204:57NE 14NAMostly CloudySCT026 BKN035 BKN0427568 79%29.791008.3
0203:57N 14NAMostly CloudySCT025 SCT030 BKN0357567 76%29.791008.3
0202:57NE 12NAPartly CloudyFEW027 SCT0397467 79%29.801008.7
0201:57NE 13NAFairCLRNANA NA29.821009.4
0200:57NE 14NAFairCLRNANA NA29.831009.8
0123:57NE 15NAPartly CloudySCT030NANA NA29.841010.1
0122:57NE 13NAA Few CloudsFEW030NANA NA29.861010.8
0121:57NE 15NAPartly CloudySCT029NANA NA29.861010.8
0120:57NE 14NAA Few CloudsFEW0287667 74%29.861010.8
0119:57NE 12NAPartly CloudyFEW027 SCT043 SCT0497668 77%29.861010.6
0119:19NE 15 G 22NAMostly CloudySCT027 BKN0337668 77%29.85NA
0119:10NE 16NAMostly CloudyBKN027 BKN0337668 77%29.85NA
0118:57NE 16NAMostly CloudySCT028 BKN0557668 77%29.841010.0
0117:57NE 15NAMostly CloudySCT026 BKN035 BKN045NANA NA29.831009.8
0117:29NE 12NAOvercastFEW026 BKN032 OVC042NANA NA29.82NA
0117:06N 14NAMostly CloudyBKN029 BKN037NANA NA29.82NA
0116:57NE 14NAMostly CloudyBKN030 BKN037NANA NA29.821009.4
0115:57NE 157.00Partly CloudyFEW027 SCT0338068 67%29.811008.9
0114:57NE 177.00OvercastSCT027 BKN040 OVC0498368 61%29.811008.9
0113:57NE 167.00Mostly CloudyFEW026 BKN0358170 817469%29.831009.5
0112:57NE 177.00Mostly CloudySCT026 SCT034 BKN0418170 69%29.841009.9
0112:47NE 167.00Mostly CloudySCT026 BKN0358170 69%29.85NA
0112:35NE 18 G 257.00OvercastBKN028 OVC0388170 69%29.85NA
0112:18NE 18NAMostly CloudySCT028 BKN038NANA NA29.86NA
0111:57NE 18 G 26NAOvercastBKN028 BKN038 OVC0497969 72%29.871011.0
0110:57NE 20 G 24NAMostly CloudyBKN046 BKN0607970 74%29.901011.9
0109:57NE 17 G 24NAOvercastSCT026 BKN035 OVC0607769 77%29.911012.3
0108:57NE 16NAMostly CloudyFEW042 BKN050 BKN0557769 77%29.911012.2
0107:57NE 14 G 21NAMostly CloudyFEW025 BKN040 BKN0557768 787574%29.901011.9
0107:36NE 12 G 20NAOvercastFEW021 BKN038 OVC0477769 77%29.90NA
0107:22NE 18NAMostly CloudyBKN023 BKN031 BKN0507770 79%29.90NA
0106:57NE 14 G 217.00OvercastSCT025 BKN032 OVC0657869 74%29.901011.9
0105:57NE 17 G 227.00A Few CloudsFEW024 FEW0337569 82%29.891011.5
0104:57NE 16 G 23NAPartly CloudyFEW023 SCT0707569 82%29.881011.4
0104:13NE 17 G 24NAOvercastFEW020 SCT029 OVC0397669 79%29.88NA
0104:04NE 16 G 23NAOvercastSCT023 BKN029 OVC0367669 79%29.88NA
0103:57NE 12 G 20NAMostly CloudyFEW023 SCT029 BKN0367668 77%29.881011.4
0102:57NE 9NAA Few CloudsFEW0277668 77%29.891011.6
0101:57NE 16 G 23NAA Few CloudsFEW0237568 787579%29.911012.4
0100:57NE 12 G 21NAMostly CloudySCT026 SCT043 BKN0507669 79%29.931012.8
WeatherSky Cond. AirDwptMax.Min.Relative
sea level
1 hr3 hr6 hr
6 hour
Temperature (ºF)PressurePrecipitation (in.)

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