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Molokai Airport
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WeatherSky Cond. Temperature (ºF)Relative
PressurePrecipitation (in.)
AirDwpt6 hour altimeter
sea level
1 hr 3 hr6 hr
0710:54N 12 G 2010.00Mostly CloudyFEW017 BKN0288166 61%29.831010.2
0709:54N 12 G 2010.00A Few CloudsFEW0178064 58%29.821010.1
0708:54N 15 G 2110.00A Few CloudsFEW0287864 62%29.811009.7
0707:54N 17 G 2410.00FairCLR7763 776762%29.791009.0
0706:54N 1010.00Mostly CloudyFEW021 SCT036 BKN0506964 84%29.801009.3
0705:54N 1210.00 Light RainFEW024 SCT043 BKN0606764 91%29.771008.6
0704:54N 910.00OvercastFEW031 BKN048 OVC0607464 71%29.761007.9
0703:54N 1010.00OvercastBKN048 OVC0607564 69%29.771008.1
0702:54N 9 G 2010.00OvercastSCT026 SCT039 OVC0656965 87%29.761008.0
0701:54N 810.00Partly CloudyFEW031 SCT038 SCT0656966 766890%29.771008.1
0701:33N 910.00Mostly CloudySCT024 BKN030 BKN0387066 88%29.77NA
0701:08N 1210.00OvercastBKN022 BKN029 OVC0507066 88%29.77NA
0700:54N 13 G 1710.00Mostly CloudySCT024 BKN037 BKN0506966 90%29.771008.2
0623:54N 13 G 2010.00Mostly CloudyFEW020 SCT029 BKN0657067 90%29.781008.7
0623:27N 10 G 1710.00Mostly CloudySCT024 BKN0297064 83%29.79NA
0622:54N 13 G 1810.00Partly CloudyFEW027 SCT0606865 90%29.791009.1
0621:54N 13 G 2110.00Mostly CloudyFEW025 BKN034 BKN0427266 82%29.791008.9
0620:54N 12 G 2610.00A Few CloudsFEW0277565 71%29.781008.5
0619:54N 16 G 2310.00Mostly CloudyFEW026 BKN0557665 827569%29.761007.7
0618:54N 13 G 2410.00A Few CloudsFEW0297565 71%29.741007.3
0617:54N 17 G 2410.00Mostly CloudySCT021 BKN0307564 69%29.731006.9
0616:54N 18 G 2810.00Mostly CloudyBKN0307865 64%29.731006.8
0615:54N 16 G 2910.00Mostly CloudyFEW019 BKN0288064 58%29.721006.7
0615:35N 13 G 2610.00Partly CloudySCT0288164 58%29.72NA
0615:05N 14 G 2510.00Mostly CloudyBKN029 BKN0357964 61%29.72NA
0614:54N 15 G 2510.00Partly CloudySCT0298064 58%29.731006.9
0613:54N 17 G 2610.00Partly CloudySCT0308064 827558%29.751007.4
0612:54N 17 G 2510.00Partly CloudyFEW018 SCT0348164 57%29.761008.0
0612:34N 16 G 2610.00Mostly CloudyFEW019 SCT027 BKN0338164 58%29.77NA
0612:24N 14 G 2610.00Mostly CloudyFEW018 BKN027 BKN0377964 61%29.78NA
0611:54N 21 G 3110.00Mostly Cloudy and BreezyFEW019 SCT024 BKN0398066 62%29.781008.6
0611:30N 21 G 3110.00Partly Cloudy and BreezySCT025 SCT0368166 62%29.79NA
0611:06N 16 G 2910.00Mostly CloudyBKN025 BKN0368166 62%29.79NA
0610:54N 17 G 2910.00Mostly CloudySCT023 BKN0367867 69%29.801009.2
0609:54N 17 G 3110.00Partly CloudySCT0267967 67%29.811009.4
0608:54N 21 G 2810.00Partly Cloudy and BreezySCT0257866 67%29.801009.1
0608:09N 14 G 2210.00Partly CloudySCT0257566 74%29.79NA
0607:54N 18 G 2410.00 Light RainSCT024 BKN030 BKN0487667 767274%29.791008.8
0606:54N 1410.00Mostly CloudyFEW021 SCT032 BKN0397466 76%29.771008.4
0605:54N 13 G 2310.00FairCLR7365 76%29.751007.8
0605:24N 16 G 2410.00Partly CloudyFEW020 SCT025 SCT0327364 74%29.75NA
0605:17N 15 G 2410.00 Light RainSCT020 BKN025 BKN0347366 78%29.75NA
0604:54N 14 G 2210.00A Few CloudsFEW0227367 81%29.751007.5
0603:54N 15 G 2510.00A Few CloudsFEW0207366 79%29.751007.4
0603:50N 17 G 2410.00Partly CloudyFEW020 SCT0257366 78%29.74NA
0603:32N 15 G 2410.00Mostly CloudySCT020 BKN0257366 78%29.75NA
0602:54N 15 G 2410.00Partly CloudyFEW015 SCT0507368 84%29.751007.6
0602:20N 16 G 2510.00Mostly CloudyFEW015 BKN0307268 88%29.76NA
0602:05N 16 G 2310.00Mostly CloudySCT015 BKN025 BKN0317370 89%29.76NA
0601:54N 15 G 2210.00Partly CloudyFEW015 SCT020 SCT0267368 747184%29.761008.00.10
0601:46N 14 G 2510.00Mostly CloudyFEW014 SCT021 BKN0857268 88%29.76NA
0600:54N 1310.00Mostly CloudySCT015 BKN022 BKN0277269 91%29.781008.5
0600:17N 1210.00Mostly CloudyFEW017 BKN024 BKN0557270 94%29.79NA
0523:54N 1310.00 Light RainFEW012 SCT024 BKN0337169 94%29.791008.9
0523:31N 14 G 2210.00 Light RainFEW013 SCT017 BKN0257270 94%29.79NA
0523:21N 12 G 2010.00Partly CloudyFEW010 SCT020 SCT0307270 94%29.79NA
0522:54N 1210.00 Light RainSCT018 BKN023 BKN0307168 90%29.791009.10.10
0521:54N 12 G 1810.00 Light RainBKN029 OVC0367268 87%29.801009.2
0521:27N 13 G 2110.00 Light RainFEW018 BKN033 OVC0397368 83%29.81NA
0520:54N 16 G 2310.00 Light RainSCT014 BKN021 OVC0297268 87%29.801009.10.10
0520:39N 16 G 2510.00 Light RainFEW011 BKN015 OVC0277270 94%29.80NA0.10
0520:30N 20 G 268.00 Light RainFEW009 BKN014 OVC0277270 94%29.79NA0.09
0519:54N 1310.00 Light RainBKN014 OVC0207470 837388%29.791008.90.010.03
0519:29N 13 G 2210.00OvercastBKN015 OVC0227370 89%29.78NA0.01
0518:54N 15 G 2310.00 Light RainBKN012 OVC0197370 90%29.771008.30.02
0518:36N 16 G 239.00 Light RainBKN010 OVC0177370 89%29.77NA0.02
0518:27N 17 G 2310.00 Light RainSCT010 BKN015 OVC0217370 89%29.77NA0.01
0517:54N 16 G 2210.00 Light RainSCT012 OVC0187470 88%29.751007.7
0516:54N 15 G 2610.00OvercastSCT012 OVC0187571 88%29.731007.0
0515:54N 15 G 2210.00OvercastSCT012 SCT022 OVC0307671 85%29.721006.5
0514:54N 14 G 2510.00Mostly CloudySCT012 SCT022 BKN0327872 82%29.721006.4
0513:54N 14 G 1810.00Partly CloudyFEW016 SCT021 SCT0298372 847970%29.731006.7
0512:54N 12 G 2110.00Partly CloudySCT0228372 70%29.751007.3
0511:54N 10 G 1710.00A Few CloudsFEW0158372 70%29.771008.0
0510:54N 9 G 1710.00A Few CloudsFEW0268272 72%29.781008.5
0509:54NE 12 G 1810.00A Few CloudsFEW0168172 74%29.781008.4
0508:54N 9 G 1810.00A Few CloudsFEW0108072 76%29.771008.3
0507:54NE 810.00Partly CloudySCT0167972 797579%29.771008.1
0506:54N 910.00Partly CloudySCT0187672 88%29.751007.6
0505:54NE 610.00Partly CloudyFEW010 SCT0207672 88%29.751007.5
0504:54NE 710.00FairCLR7672 88%29.741007.3
0504:12N 310.00A Few CloudsFEW0167573 94%29.76NA
0503:54N 710.00Mostly CloudyFEW010 SCT017 BKN0257673 91%29.761007.8
0503:45NE 710.00Mostly CloudyFEW010 SCT017 BKN0247573 94%29.76NA
0503:10N 610.00Partly CloudyFEW011 SCT0257573 94%29.77NA
0502:54N 610.00OvercastFEW013 BKN020 OVC0307673 91%29.771008.1
0502:37N 710.00OvercastFEW012 BKN020 OVC0347573 94%29.78NA
0502:28N 910.00Mostly CloudyFEW012 SCT025 BKN0357573 94%29.78NA
0502:16N 1010.00Mostly CloudyBKN014 BKN1207573 94%29.78NA
0501:54N 710.00OvercastFEW010 BKN016 OVC1107674 777594%29.791008.9
0501:16N 1210.00OvercastSCT008 BKN019 OVC0257573 94%29.80NA
0500:54N 810.00OvercastBKN008 BKN013 OVC0217674 94%29.811009.5
0500:46N 710.00OvercastSCT008 BKN011 OVC0217573 94%29.81NA
0500:20N 910.00OvercastSCT010 BKN016 OVC0237573 94%29.81NA
0500:10N 1010.00OvercastSCT005 BKN011 OVC0257573 94%29.81NA
0423:54N 1010.00OvercastBKN005 BKN009 OVC0147674 94%29.821009.8
0422:54N 1210.00OvercastBKN005 BKN011 OVC0187574 96%29.831010.3
0422:30N 13 G 1810.00OvercastBKN005 BKN011 OVC0187573 94%29.82NA
0421:54N 14 G 1810.00OvercastBKN007 BKN010 OVC0147674 94%29.831010.2
0421:23N 14 G 2210.00OvercastBKN007 BKN014 OVC0217573 94%29.83NA
0421:16N 1010.00OvercastSCT007 BKN014 OVC0227573 94%29.83NA
0421:06N 10 G 1710.00OvercastBKN007 BKN010 OVC0237573 94%29.83NA
0420:54N 13 G 2010.00OvercastSCT007 BKN012 OVC0237674 94%29.831010.1
0420:44N 1210.00OvercastBKN007 BKN015 OVC0237773 89%29.82NA
0420:36N 1410.00OvercastSCT007 BKN012 OVC0177573 94%29.82NA
0420:16N 1010.00OvercastBKN007 BKN015 OVC0247775 94%29.82NA
0419:54N 9 G 1810.00OvercastSCT007 BKN014 OVC0317774 797590%29.821009.80.010.16
0418:54N 12 G 1710.00 Light RainSCT009 BKN018 OVC0397674 94%29.801009.20.01
0418:46N 8 G 1710.00 RainSCT012 BKN029 OVC0557573 94%29.79NA0.01
0418:19N 610.00 Light RainFEW008 BKN050 OVC0707573 94%29.78NA
0417:54N 610.00 Light RainBKN008 BKN016 OVC0507574 96%29.781008.50.01
0417:51N 710.00 Light RainSCT008 BKN014 OVC0557573 94%29.78NA0.01
0417:04NE 910.00OvercastSCT008 BKN043 OVC0557573 94%29.77NA
0416:54N 9 G 1810.00OvercastBKN040 BKN050 OVC0607573 94%29.761008.00.130.13
0415:54N 10 G 1810.00 Light RainBKN009 OVC0167774 90%29.761008.0
0415:17N 10 G 2010.00 Light RainBKN009 OVC0187973 84%29.75NA
0414:54N 10 G 1810.00Mostly CloudySCT009 SCT016 BKN0227874 87%29.761007.7
0414:12N 109.00 Light RainSCT009 BKN017 OVC0557973 84%29.76NA
0413:54NE 1310.00 Light RainSCT012 BKN0197874 807487%29.771008.2
0412:54N 16 G 2410.00 Light RainSCT010 SCT015 BKN0218074 82%29.771008.3
0411:54NE 13 G 2410.00 Light RainSCT010 SCT015 BKN0197774 90%29.801009.4
0411:28NE 9 G 229.00 Light RainBKN012 OVC0197973 84%29.81NA
0411:21NE 14 G 239.00 Light RainSCT010 BKN017 OVC0217773 89%29.81NA
WeatherSky Cond. AirDwptMax.Min.Relative
sea level
1 hr3 hr6 hr
6 hour
Temperature (ºF)PressurePrecipitation (in.)

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