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WeatherSky Cond. Temperature (ºF)Relative
PressurePrecipitation (in.)
AirDwpt6 hour altimeter
sea level
1 hr 3 hr6 hr
2600:35S 85.00NANA8177 89%30.02NA
2600:15S 85.00NANA8177 89%30.02NA
2523:55SE 95.00NANA8177 89%30.02NA
2523:35SE 95.00NANA8177 89%30.02NA
2523:15SE 95.00NANA8177 89%30.02NA
2522:55SE 85.00NANA8177 89%30.01NA
2522:35SE 95.00NANA8177 89%30.01NA
2522:15SE 94.00NANA8177 89%30.00NA
2521:55SE 75.00NANA8177 89%30.00NA
2521:35SE 85.00NANA8177 89%29.99NA
2521:15SE 85.00NANA8175 84%29.99NA
2520:55SE 95.00NANA8177 89%29.98NA
2520:35SE 94.00NANA8175 84%29.98NA
2520:15SE 84.00NANA8177 89%29.98NA
2519:55SE 94.00NANA8277 84%29.97NA
2519:35SE 94.00NANA8277 84%29.98NA
2519:15SE 95.00NANA8277 84%29.97NA
2518:35SE 95.00NANA8477 79%29.97NA
2518:15SE 103.00NANA8477 79%29.98NA
2517:55SE 105.00NANA8477 79%29.98NA
2517:35SE 75.00NANA8477 79%29.98NA
2517:15SE 85.00NANA8477 79%29.99NA
2516:55SE 75.00NANA8477 79%29.99NA
2516:35SE 94.00NANA8879 75%30.00NA
2516:15SE 85.00NANA8677 75%30.00NA
2515:55SE 95.00NANA8677 75%30.00NA
2515:35SE 105.00NANA8677 75%30.00NA
2515:15S 125.00NANA8677 75%30.00NA
2514:55SE 105.00NANA8677 75%30.01NA
2514:35SE 104.00NANA8477 79%30.01NA
2514:15SE 94.00NANA8677 75%30.01NA
2513:55SE 125.00NANA8677 75%30.01NA
2513:35SE 125.00NANA9077 67%30.01NA
2513:15SE 125.00NANA8677 75%30.02NA
2512:55S 135.00NANA8677 75%30.02NA
2512:35S 125.00NANA8677 75%30.03NA
2512:15S 95.00NANA8477 79%30.03NA
2511:55S 133.00NANA8477 79%30.03NA
2511:35SE 134.00 ThunderstormNA8477 79%30.03NA
2511:15S 10 G 164.00NANA8477 79%30.03NA
2510:55S 134.00NANA8277 84%30.03NA
2510:35S 104.00NANA8277 84%30.02NA
2510:15S 94.00NANA8277 84%30.02NA
2509:55S 93.00NANA8277 84%30.02NA
2509:35S 94.00NANA8277 84%30.02NA
2509:15SE 93.00NANA8277 84%30.01NA
2508:55S 94.00NANA8277 84%30.01NA
2508:35S 104.00NANA8277 84%30.01NA
2508:15S 124.00NANA8175 84%30.00NA
2507:55S 125.00NANA8175 84%30.00NA
2507:35S 134.00NANA8175 84%29.99NA
2507:15S 123.00NANA8177 89%29.99NA
2506:55S 123.00NANA8175 84%29.99NA
2506:35S 135.00NANA8175 84%29.98NA
2506:15SE 145.00NANA8177 89%29.98NA
2505:55S 124.00NANA8177 89%29.97NA
2505:35S 125.00NANA8177 89%29.97NA
2505:15S 104.00NANA8177 89%29.97NA
2504:55S 134.00NANA8177 89%29.97NA
2504:35S 13 G 174.00NANA8177 89%29.96NA
2504:15S 14 G 205.00NANA8177 89%29.96NA
2503:55S 15 G 205.00NANA8177 89%29.96NA
2503:35SE 135.00NANA8177 89%29.96NA
2503:15S 155.00NANA8175 84%29.96NA
2502:55S 14 G 205.00NANA8177 89%29.96NA
2502:35S 126.00NANA8177 89%29.96NA
2502:15S 136.00NANA8177 89%29.97NA
2501:55S 155.00NANA8177 89%29.97NA
2501:35S 135.00NANA8177 89%29.98NA
2501:15S 95.00NANA8177 89%29.99NA
2500:55S 125.00NANA8177 89%29.98NA
2500:35SE 125.00NANA8177 89%29.99NA
2500:15S 105.00NANA8177 89%30.00NA
2423:55SE 125.00NANA8177 89%29.99NA
2423:35SE 125.00NANA8277 84%29.99NA
2423:15SE 125.00NANA8177 89%29.99NA
2422:55S 106.00NANA8177 89%30.00NA
2422:35S 97.00NANA8177 89%29.99NA
2422:15S 126.00NANA8277 84%29.98NA
2421:55S 135.00NANA8277 84%29.98NA
2421:35S 135.00NANA8277 84%29.98NA
2421:15SE 106.00NANA8277 84%29.96NA
2420:55SE 126.00NANA8277 84%29.96NA
2420:35S 103.00NANA8277 84%29.96NA
2420:15S 94.00NANA8277 84%29.95NA
2419:55SE 85.00NANA8277 84%29.95NA
2419:35SE 96.00NANA8277 84%29.96NA
2419:15SE 95.00NANA8277 84%29.96NA
2418:55SE 105.00NANA8477 79%29.95NA
2418:35SE 85.00NANA8477 79%29.95NA
2418:15SE 86.00NANA8479 84%29.95NA
2417:55SE 95.00NANA8677 75%29.95NA
2417:35SE 98.00NANA8677 75%29.95NA
2417:15SE 97.00NANA8677 75%29.96NA
2416:55SE 127.00NANA8677 75%29.97NA
2416:35SE 109.00NANA8679 79%29.97NA
2416:15SE 87.00NANA8677 75%29.98NA
2415:55SE 109.00NANA8479 84%29.99NA
2415:35SE 1210.00NANA8479 84%29.99NA
2415:15SE 107.00NANA8479 84%29.99NA
2414:55SE 84.00NANA8479 84%30.00NA
2414:35SE 78.00NANA8679 79%30.00NA
2414:15SE 97.00NANA8679 79%30.00NA
2413:55SE 87.00NANA8679 79%30.01NA
2413:35S 97.00NANA8677 75%30.01NA
2413:15S 95.00NANA8679 79%30.01NA
2412:55S 910.00NANA8679 79%30.02NA
2412:35S 99.00NANA8677 75%30.03NA
2412:15S 106.00NANA8677 75%30.03NA
2411:55S 99.00NANA8677 75%30.03NA
2411:35SE 79.00NANA8475 74%30.04NA
2411:15SE 77.00NANA8475 74%30.04NA
2410:55S 710.00NANA8473 70%30.04NA
2410:35S 75.00NANA8475 74%30.05NA
2410:15S 87.00NANA8275 79%30.05NA
2409:55S 810.00NANA8275 79%30.05NA
2409:35S 79.00NANA8477 79%30.04NA
2409:15S 86.00NANA8277 84%30.04NA
2408:55S 85.00NANA8177 89%30.03NA
2408:35S 81.50NANA7977 94%30.02NA
2408:15SE 121.25NANA7775 94%30.02NA
2407:55S 124.00NANA7975 89%30.01NA
2407:35S 14 G 212.00NANA8177 89%30.01NA
2407:15SE 74.00NANA8177 89%30.01NA
2406:55SE 52.00NANA8177 89%30.00NA
2406:35SE 64.00NANA8177 89%29.99NA
2406:15SE 54.00NANA8177 89%29.98NA
2405:55Calm4.00NANA8177 89%29.98NA
2405:35S 65.00NANA8177 89%29.98NA
2405:15S 66.00NANA8177 89%29.98NA
2404:55S 64.00NANA8177 89%29.98NA
2404:35S 65.00NANA8177 89%29.98NA
2404:15S 65.00NANA8177 89%29.98NA
2403:55S 75.00NANA8177 89%29.97NA
2403:35S 95.00NANA8177 89%29.97NA
2403:15S 95.00NANA8177 89%29.97NA
2402:55S 94.00NANA8177 89%29.97NA
2402:35S 85.00NANA8277 84%29.98NA
2402:15S 75.00NANA8177 89%29.98NA
2401:55S 87.00NANA8177 89%29.99NA
2401:35S 97.00NANA8277 84%30.00NA
2401:15S 85.00NANA8277 84%30.00NA
2400:55S 94.00NANA8277 84%30.00NA
2400:35S 87.00NANA8277 84%30.00NA
2400:15S 83.00NANA8277 84%30.01NA
2323:55S 94.00NANA8277 84%30.01NA
2323:35S 105.00NANA8277 84%30.02NA
2323:15SE 105.00NANA8277 84%30.01NA
2322:55SE 138.00NANA8277 84%30.01NA
2322:35SE 138.00NANA8277 84%30.01NA
2322:15SE 136.00NANA8277 84%30.00NA
2321:55SE 148.00NANA8277 84%30.00NA
2321:35SE 148.00NANA8277 84%29.99NA
2321:15SE 137.00NANA8277 84%29.99NA
2320:55SE 149.00NANA8277 84%29.99NA
2320:35SE 134.00NANA8277 84%29.98NA
2320:15SE 137.00NANA8477 79%29.98NA
2319:55SE 128.00NANA8477 79%29.98NA
2319:35SE 138.00NANA8477 79%29.98NA
2319:15SE 139.00NANA8477 79%29.97NA
2318:55SE 127.00NANA8677 75%29.97NA
2318:35SE 136.00NANA8677 75%29.98NA
2318:15SE 1310.00NANA8677 75%29.98NA
2317:55SE 128.00NANA8677 75%29.98NA
2317:35SE 139.00NANA8877 70%29.98NA
2317:15SE 137.00NANA8877 70%29.99NA
2316:55SE 1010.00NANA8877 70%29.99NA
2316:35SE 1010.00NANA8877 70%30.00NA
2316:15SE 1210.00NANA8877 70%30.00NA
2315:55SE 108.00NANA9077 67%30.01NA
2315:35SE 1210.00NANA9077 67%30.01NA
2315:15SE 138.00NANA9077 67%30.01NA
2314:55SE 1310.00NANA9077 67%30.02NA
2314:35SE 128.00NANA9077 67%30.02NA
2314:15SE 109.00NANA9077 67%30.02NA
2313:55SE 1010.00NANA8877 70%30.03NA
2313:35SE 1210.00NANA9077 67%30.03NA
2313:15SE 1010.00NANA8877 70%30.03NA
2312:55SE 1010.00NANA8877 70%30.04NA
2312:35SE 1010.00NANA8877 70%30.04NA
2312:15SE 128.00NANA8677 75%30.04NA
2311:55SE 108.00NANA8677 75%30.04NA
2311:35S 107.00NANA8677 75%30.04NA
2311:15S 98.00NANA8677 75%30.05NA
2310:55S 99.00NANA8677 75%30.04NA
2310:35S 910.00NANA8677 75%30.04NA
2310:15S 87.00NANA8477 79%30.04NA
2309:55SE 910.00NANA8677 75%30.04NA
2309:35SE 79.00NANA8677 75%30.04NA
2309:15SE 79.00NANA8475 74%30.03NA
2308:55S 610.00NANA8475 74%30.03NA
2308:35S 79.00NANA8475 74%30.03NA
2308:15S 68.00NANA8475 74%30.02NA
2307:55S 69.00NANA8275 79%30.02NA
2307:35S 610.00NANA8275 79%30.01NA
2307:15S 78.00NANA8175 84%30.01NA
2306:55S 65.00NANA8175 84%30.00NA
2306:35S 66.00NANA8175 84%30.00NA
2306:15S 69.00NANA8175 84%30.00NA
2305:55S 67.00NANA8175 84%30.00NA
2305:35S 79.00NANA8173 79%30.00NA
2305:15S 810.00NANA8173 79%30.00NA
2304:55S 79.00NANA8173 79%30.00NA
2304:35S 98.00NANA8173 79%30.00NA
2304:15S 1010.00NANA8173 79%30.00NA
2303:55S 109.00NANA8173 79%30.01NA
2303:35S 1210.00NANA8173 79%30.01NA
2303:15S 810.00NANA8273 74%30.02NA
2302:55S 1010.00NANA8273 74%30.02NA
2302:35S 1310.00NANA8273 74%30.02NA
2302:15S 1210.00NANA8273 74%30.03NA
2301:55S 99.00NANA8273 74%30.03NA
2301:35S 14 G 189.00NANA8273 74%30.03NA
2301:15S 139.00NANA8273 74%30.03NA
2300:55S 149.00NANA8273 74%30.03NA
WeatherSky Cond. AirDwptMax.Min.Relative
sea level
1 hr3 hr6 hr
6 hour
Temperature (ºF)PressurePrecipitation (in.)

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