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WeatherSky Cond. Temperature (ºF)Relative
PressurePrecipitation (in.)
AirDwpt6 hour altimeter
sea level
1 hr 3 hr6 hr
0211:55S 12 G 16NAMostly CloudyFEW033 SCT041 BKN0509075 63%30.09NA
0211:35S 6NAMostly CloudyFEW031 SCT036 BKN0429077 67%30.09NA
0211:15S 10NAPartly CloudyFEW029 SCT039 SCT0498877 70%30.09NA
0210:55S 8NAMostly CloudySCT029 BKN0379077 67%30.09NA
0210:35S 9NAMostly CloudyFEW027 SCT034 BKN0429077 67%30.09NA
0210:15S 10NAMostly CloudyFEW024 SCT031 BKN0438879 75%30.09NA
0209:55S 7NAPartly CloudySCT0238877 70%30.08NA
0209:35S 9NAFairCLR8879 75%30.08NA
0209:15SE 7NAFairCLR8679 79%30.08NA
0208:55SE 7NAFairCLR8479 84%30.08NA
0208:35SE 6NANANA8279 89%30.07NA
0208:15E 3NANANA8279 89%30.07NA
0207:55E 3NANANA8179 94%30.07NA
0207:35SE 3NANANA7977 94%30.06NA
0207:15E 3NANANA7775 94%30.06NA
0206:55CalmNANANA7575 7975100%30.05NA
0206:35E 3NANANA7575 100%30.05NA
0206:15E 3NANANA7575 100%30.04NA
0205:55CalmNANANA7575 100%30.04NA
0205:35CalmNANANA7575 100%30.04NA
0205:15CalmNANANA7575 100%30.03NA
0204:55CalmNANANA7575 100%30.03NA
0204:35CalmNANANA7575 100%30.03NA
0204:15CalmNANANA7775 94%30.03NA
0203:55CalmNANANA7775 94%30.03NA
0203:35CalmNANANA7775 94%30.01NA
0203:15CalmNANANA7775 94%30.01NA
0202:55CalmNANANA7775 94%30.01NA
0202:35SE 3NANANA7775 94%30.01NA
0202:15CalmNANANA7975 89%30.02NA
0201:55SE 5NANANA7975 89%30.01NA
0201:35S 6NANANA7975 89%30.01NA
0201:15S 6NANANA7975 89%30.01NA
0200:55S 6NANANA7975 847789%30.02NA
0200:35CalmNANANA7775 94%30.02NA
0200:15SE 5NANANA7775 94%30.03NA
0123:55CalmNANANA7775 94%30.03NA
0123:35CalmNANANA7775 94%30.04NA
0123:15SE 3NANANA7775 94%30.05NA
0122:55CalmNANANA7775 94%30.05NA
0122:35SE 3NANANA7775 94%30.06NA
0122:15SW 8NANANA7975 89%30.06NA
0121:55SW 9NA Thunderstorm in VicinityNA7977 94%30.06NA
0121:35E 6NANANA7977 94%30.06NA
0121:15SE 3NANANA7977 94%30.06NA
0120:55CalmNANANA7975 89%30.05NA
0120:35SE 3NANANA7975 89%30.04NA
0120:15SE 5NANANA8177 89%30.04NA
0119:55S 5NANANA8177 89%30.03NA
0119:35SE 5NAFairCLR8277 84%30.03NA
0119:15S 6NAFairCLR8277 84%30.02NA
0118:55S 7NAFairCLR8477 917979%30.02NA
0118:35S 9NAFairCLR8477 79%30.01NA
0118:15S 10NAFairCLR8677 75%30.00NA
0117:55S 9NAFairCLR8877 70%29.99NA
0117:35S 10NAFairCLR8677 75%29.99NA
0117:15S 9NAA Few CloudsFEW0348875 66%30.00NA
0116:55SE 12 G 16NAPartly CloudyFEW031 SCT0409077 67%30.00NA
0116:35S 9NAPartly CloudyFEW031 SCT0399077 67%30.00NA
0116:15S 9NA Thunderstorm in VicinityFEW025 SCT0558679 79%30.01NA
0115:55S 7NAMostly CloudyBKN025 BKN0338677 75%30.02NA
0115:35S 12 G 17NAFairCLR9075 63%30.01NA
0115:15S 13NAFairCLR9177 63%30.01NA
0114:55S 14 G 18NAFairCLR9077 67%30.02NA
0114:35S 12 G 18NAA Few CloudsFEW0339077 67%30.02NA
0114:15S 12 G 17NAPartly CloudySCT033 SCT0399079 71%30.02NA
0113:55S 13 G 17NAPartly CloudyFEW029 SCT038 SCT0499079 71%30.03NA
0113:35S 13 G 16NAPartly CloudySCT032 SCT044 SCT0608881 79%30.04NA
0113:15SE 3NAMostly CloudyFEW029 SCT044 BKN0608175 84%30.05NA
0112:55SE 14 G 18NAPartly CloudyFEW025 SCT036 SCT0609081 907575%30.05NA
0112:35SE 9NA Thunderstorm in VicinityFEW028 BKN038 OVC0658679 79%30.06NA
0112:15SE 12NAMostly CloudyFEW030 SCT038 BKN0478879 75%30.06NA
0111:55E 9NAMostly CloudyFEW025 SCT039 BKN0559079 71%30.06NA
0111:35SE 9NAOvercastSCT022 BKN031 OVC0498879 75%30.07NA
0111:15E 9NAMostly CloudySCT024 BKN032 BKN0398679 79%30.07NA
0110:55SE 13NAA Few CloudsFEW0398879 75%30.07NA
0110:35SE 10NAFairCLR8679 79%30.06NA
0110:15SE 7NAMostly CloudyFEW022 SCT030 BKN0608479 84%30.06NA
0109:55SE 8NAPartly CloudyFEW022 SCT027 SCT0338479 84%30.06NA
0109:35SE 13NAA Few CloudsFEW0208479 84%30.06NA
0109:15E 5NAFairCLR8479 84%30.05NA
0108:55SE 6NAFairCLR8479 84%30.05NA
0108:35E 7NANANA8279 89%30.05NA
0108:15E 6NANANA8179 94%30.05NA
0107:55E 3NANANA7977 94%30.05NA
0107:35CalmNANANA7977 94%30.05NA
0107:15NE 5NANANA7775 94%30.04NA
0106:55NE 3NANANA7575 7975100%30.04NA
0106:35E 5NANANA7575 100%30.04NA
0106:15E 3NANANA7575 100%30.03NA
0105:55E 5NANANA7575 100%30.03NA
0105:35E 3NANANA7575 100%30.03NA
0105:15E 3NANANA7575 100%30.02NA
0104:55E 3NANANA7775 94%30.02NA
0104:35E 3NANANA7775 94%30.01NA
0104:15E 3NANANA7775 94%30.01NA
0103:55E 3NANANA7775 94%30.01NA
0103:35E 3NANANA7775 94%30.01NA
0103:15E 3NANANA7977 94%30.01NA
0102:55CalmNANANA7977 94%30.01NA
0102:35CalmNANANA7977 94%30.02NA
0102:15E 3NANANA7977 94%30.02NA
0101:55SE 5NANANA7977 94%30.03NA
0101:35E 3NANANA7977 94%30.03NA
0101:15SE 3NANANA7977 94%30.03NA
0100:55SE 5NANANA7977 847994%30.04NA
0100:35SE 5NANANA8177 89%30.04NA
0100:15SE 6NANANA7977 94%30.03NA
3123:55SE 5NANANA8177 89%30.04NA
3123:35SE 6NANANA8177 89%30.04NA
3123:15SE 6NANANA8177 89%30.04NA
3122:55SE 5NANANA8177 89%30.05NA
3122:35SE 6NANANA8177 89%30.06NA
3122:15SE 6NANANA8177 89%30.06NA
3121:55SE 6NANANA8177 89%30.06NA
3121:35SE 5NANANA7977 94%30.06NA
3121:15E 5NANANA7977 94%30.06NA
3120:55E 5NANANA7977 94%30.06NA
3120:35E 3NANANA8177 89%30.05NA
3120:15E 3NANANA8177 89%30.05NA
3119:55CalmNANANA8177 89%30.06NA
3119:35CalmNAFairCLR8275 79%30.05NA
3119:15SE 3NAFairCLR8275 79%30.06NA
3118:35SE 6NAFairCLR8475 74%30.06NA
3118:15SE 5NAA Few CloudsFEW0328875 66%30.05NA
3117:55SE 7NAPartly CloudySCT030 SCT0468675 70%30.05NA
3117:35SE 10NAPartly CloudyFEW036 SCT0468875 66%30.05NA
3117:15S 10NAMostly CloudyBKN0369075 63%30.05NA
3116:55SE 9NAMostly CloudySCT036 BKN0449075 63%30.05NA
3116:35S 9NAA Few CloudsFEW0389075 63%30.04NA
3116:15S 10 G 18NAFairCLR9075 63%30.05NA
3115:55SE 9NAFairCLR9175 59%30.05NA
3115:35S 13NAFairCLR9075 63%30.06NA
3115:15S 12NAA Few CloudsFEW0439175 59%30.06NA
3114:55SE 13 G 18NAPartly CloudyFEW045 SCT0609075 63%30.06NA
3114:35SE 9NAMostly CloudyFEW037 BKN045 BKN0609177 63%30.07NA
3114:15SE 7NAMostly CloudySCT037 SCT045 BKN0509077 67%NANA
3113:55S 9NAPartly CloudyFEW037 SCT0459177 63%30.08NA
3113:35SE 8 G 16NAA Few CloudsFEW036 FEW0449177 63%30.08NA
3113:15S 12 G 16NAA Few CloudsFEW0409077 67%30.08NA
3112:55SE 10 G 17NAA Few CloudsFEW032 FEW0609075 917363%30.09NA
3112:35S 10 G 16NAA Few CloudsFEW0309179 67%30.09NA
3112:15SE 7NAA Few CloudsFEW028 FEW0359079 71%30.10NA
3111:55E 12NAA Few CloudsFEW028 FEW0359079 71%30.10NA
3111:35SE 12NAA Few CloudsFEW0219077 67%30.10NA
3111:15SE 9NAPartly CloudySCT0218879 75%30.10NA
3110:55SE 6NAPartly CloudySCT0198879 75%30.11NA
3110:35SE 9NAA Few CloudsFEW0148879 75%30.11NA
3110:15SE 8NANANA8481 89%30.10NA
3109:55E 5NAFairCLR8479 84%30.10NA
3109:35SE 5NAFairCLR8479 84%30.10NA
3109:15E 3NANANA8279 89%30.10NA
3108:55E 6NANANA8177 89%30.09NA
3108:35E 6NANANA7975 89%30.09NA
3108:15E 6NANANA7573 94%30.09NA
3107:55NE 5NANANA7573 94%30.09NA
3107:35NE 5NANANA7373 100%30.09NA
3107:15NE 5NANANA7373 100%30.08NA
3106:55NE 6NANANA7373 7573100%30.08NA
3106:35NE 6NANANA7373 100%30.07NA
3106:15NE 5NANANA7373 100%30.07NA
3105:55CalmNANANA7373 100%30.07NA
3105:35NE 3NANANA7372 94%30.06NA
3105:15CalmNANANA7372 94%30.06NA
3104:55NE 3NANANA7372 94%30.05NA
3104:35NE 3NANANA7372 94%30.06NA
3104:15N 3NANANA7372 94%30.05NA
3103:55NE 3NANANA7372 94%30.05NA
3103:35CalmNANANA7372 94%30.04NA
3103:15SE 3NAMostly CloudyBKN1207373 100%30.04NA
3102:55SE 5NANANA7373 100%30.04NA
3102:35SE 6NANANA7373 100%30.03NA
3102:15SE 6NANANA7373 100%30.03NA
3101:55SE 8NANANA7373 100%30.03NA
3101:35SE 7NANANA7373 100%30.03NA
3101:15SE 6NANANA7373 100%30.03NA
3100:55SE 9NANANA7573 757394%30.02NA
3100:35SE 8NANANA7573 94%30.03NA
3100:15SE 7NANANA7373 100%30.03NA
3023:55SE 7NANANA7373 100%30.03NA
3023:35SE 6NANANA7373 100%30.04NA
3023:15SE 5NANANA7373 100%30.04NA
3022:55SE 6NANANA7373 100%30.04NA
3022:35S 7NANANA7373 100%30.06NA
3022:15S 7NANANA7373 100%30.06NA
3021:55SE 6NANANA7373 100%30.06NA
3021:35S 6NANANA7373 100%30.07NA
3021:15S 6NANANA7372 94%30.07NA
3020:55S 3NANANA7372 94%30.07NA
3020:35S 5NANANA7372 94%30.07NA
3020:15CalmNANANA7372 94%30.06NA
3019:55SE 5NANANA7372 94%30.05NA
3019:35CalmNANANA7372 94%30.05NA
3019:15CalmNANANA7372 94%30.05NA
3018:55N 3NANANA7372 817394%30.06NA
3018:35NW 5NANANA7373 100%30.07NA
3018:15W 3NANANA7373 100%30.08NA
3017:55W 9NANANA7573 94%30.08NA
3017:35NW 5NANANA7573 94%30.07NA
3017:15W 5NANANA7573 94%30.06NA
3016:55CalmNANANA7573 94%30.05NA
3016:35NE 5NA Thunderstorm in VicinityNA7573 94%30.04NA
3016:15N 6NA ThunderstormNA7573 94%30.03NA
3015:55W 13 G 25NA ThunderstormNA7373 100%30.02NA
3015:35W 17NA ThunderstormNA7775 94%30.04NA
3015:15N 6NA Thunderstorm in VicinityNA7975 89%30.03NA
3014:55N 6NANANA7975 89%30.03NA
3014:35N 7NANANA7979 100%30.04NA
3014:15SE 3NANANA8179 94%30.04NA
3013:55E 3NANANA7977 94%30.05NA
3013:35E 3NANANANANA NA30.05NA
3013:15SE 6NANANA7975 89%30.06NA
3012:55E 3NANANA7775 817594%30.05NA
3012:35SE 5NANANA7575 100%30.05NA
3012:15E 7NANANA7573 94%30.06NA
WeatherSky Cond. AirDwptMax.Min.Relative
sea level
1 hr3 hr6 hr
6 hour
Temperature (ºF)PressurePrecipitation (in.)

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