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WeatherSky Cond. Temperature (ºF)Relative
PressurePrecipitation (in.)
AirDwpt6 hour altimeter
sea level
1 hr 3 hr6 hr
2704:55N 107.00FairCLR3532 89%30.32NA
2704:35NE 107.00Partly CloudySCT0153532 89%30.30NA
2704:15NE 107.00Mostly CloudyBKN0153532 88%30.31NA
2703:55N 12 G 167.00OvercastOVC0133632 84%30.32NA
2703:35N 107.00OvercastOVC0133732 85%30.32NA
2703:15N 107.00OvercastOVC0133732 85%30.31NA
2702:55N 13 G 187.00OvercastOVC0153632 86%30.31NA
2702:35N 12 G 177.00Partly CloudySCT0153632 86%30.30NA
2702:15N 145.00Fair with HazeCLR3732 84%30.31NA
2701:55N 97.00FairCLR3733 87%30.30NA
2701:35N 127.00Partly CloudySCT0163733 84%30.30NA
2701:15N 137.00FairCLR3834 84%30.29NA
2700:55N 12 G 167.00FairCLR3934 82%30.28NA
2700:35N 97.00FairCLR4035 82%30.27NA
2700:15N 87.00FairCLR4035 81%30.27NA
2623:55N 137.00FairCLR4135 474179%30.26NA
2623:35N 12 G 177.00FairCLR4235 76%30.25NA
2623:15N 10 G 167.00FairCLR4335 73%30.24NA
2622:55N 13 G 167.00FairCLR4335 73%30.25NA
2622:35N 107.00FairCLR4435 72%30.25NA
2622:15N 107.00FairCLR4435 73%30.25NA
2621:55N 77.00FairCLR4436 73%30.25NA
2621:35N 87.00FairCLR4435 71%30.24NA
2621:15N 77.00FairCLR4236 77%30.23NA
2620:55N 510.00FairCLR4435 73%30.22NA
2620:35Calm7.00FairCLR4435 72%30.21NA
2620:15N 37.00FairCLR4436 73%30.20NA
2619:55N 37.00FairCLR4435 70%30.19NA
2619:35N 510.00FairCLR4336 74%30.17NA
2619:15N 57.00FairCLR4435 72%30.16NA
2618:55N 57.00FairCLR4435 71%30.16NA
2618:35N 67.00FairCLR4535 68%30.15NA
2618:15N 910.00FairCLR4634 63%30.14NA
2604:55N 147.00OvercastOVC0113835 91%29.91NA
2604:35N 710.00OvercastOVC0113835 90%29.91NA
2604:15N 97.00OvercastOVC0113835 89%29.91NA
2603:55N 13 G 177.00OvercastOVC0113835 89%29.90NA
2603:35N 87.00OvercastOVC0113835 88%29.90NA
2603:15N 14 G 177.00OvercastOVC0113835 88%29.90NA
2602:55NW 12 G 217.00OvercastOVC0113835 88%29.89NA
2602:35NW 15 G 205.00 Fog/MistOVC0113835 88%29.89NA
2602:15NW 97.00OvercastOVC0093836 90%29.89NA
2601:55NW 135.00 Fog/MistOVC0093836 91%29.89NA
2601:35NW 127.00OvercastOVC0093836 90%29.90NA
2601:15NW 13 G 177.00OvercastOVC0113936 90%29.90NA
2600:55NW 14 G 205.00 Fog/MistOVC0113936 89%29.90NA
2600:35NW 12 G 187.00OvercastOVC0113936 88%29.90NA
2600:15NW 127.00OvercastOVC0113937 89%29.89NA
2523:55NW 12 G 187.00OvercastOVC0114037 444089%29.89NA
2523:35NW 13 G 177.00OvercastOVC0114037 88%29.88NA
2523:15NW 107.00OvercastOVC0134037 88%29.88NA
2522:55NW 97.00OvercastOVC0134037 88%29.87NA
2522:35NW 127.00OvercastOVC0134037 88%29.87NA
2522:15NW 105.00 Fog/MistOVC0134137 87%29.87NA
2521:55NW 8 G 165.00 Fog/MistOVC0114137 87%29.87NA
2521:35NW 14 G 175.00 Fog/MistOVC0114138 88%29.86NA
2521:15NW 107.00OvercastOVC0114138 90%29.85NA
2520:55NW 77.00OvercastOVC0114138 88%29.83NA
2520:35NW 87.00OvercastOVC0114238 88%29.82NA
2520:15NW 10 G 167.00OvercastOVC0114239 89%29.81NA
2519:55W 107.00OvercastOVC0114239 90%29.81NA
2519:35NW 107.00OvercastOVC0114340 90%29.79NA
2519:15NW 9 G 1810.00Mostly CloudyBKN011 BKN0374240 90%29.78NA
2518:55NW 87.00OvercastOVC0094441 90%29.77NA
2518:35NW 810.00OvercastOVC0094441 92%29.76NA
2518:15NW 12 G 1610.00OvercastOVC0094442 93%29.75NA
2514:55NW 155.00 Fog/MistOVC0054543 93%29.70NA
2513:47NW 155.00 Fog/MistOVC0054646 100%29.68NA
2512:47NE 14 G 237.00OvercastOVC0065048 94%29.68NA
2511:47NE 135.00 Fog/MistOVC0064848 100%29.72NA
2510:47E 135.00 Fog/MistOVC005 BKN0114645 93%29.79NA
2509:47NE 103.00 Light Rain Fog/MistOVC0044545 100%29.84NA
2508:47NE 93.00 Light Rain Fog/MistOVC0044543 93%29.88NA
2507:47NE 133.00 Light Rain Fog/MistOVC0044543 93%29.86NA
2506:50NE 123.00 Light RainOVC0034343 100%29.88NA
2505:50NE 124.00 Light Rain Fog/MistOVC00543NA NANANA
2504:55NE 85.00 Fog/MistOVC0054342 97%29.90NA
2504:35NE 95.00 Fog/MistBKN005 BKN016 OVC0344443 97%29.91NA
2504:15NE 85.00 Fog/MistSCT005 BKN025 OVC0344443 97%29.91NA
2503:55NE 84.00 Fog/MistBKN007 OVC0244443 97%29.93NA
2503:35NE 75.00 Light RainSCT006 BKN009 OVC0244442 95%29.94NA
2503:15NE 77.00 Light RainSCT009 OVC0264342 95%29.95NA
2502:55N 97.00OvercastBKN009 OVC0284442 94%29.95NA
2502:35NE 77.00OvercastBKN007 OVC0284442 94%29.95NA
2502:15NE 97.00OvercastBKN007 OVC0284442 94%29.95NA
2501:55NE 87.00OvercastSCT007 BKN028 OVC0364442 94%29.96NA
2501:35NE 97.00OvercastSCT007 BKN028 OVC0654442 95%29.97NA
2501:15NE 97.00OvercastSCT007 BKN038 OVC0654442 95%29.97NA
2500:55NE 87.00OvercastSCT027 OVC0404442 93%29.99NA
2500:40N 75.00 Light RainBKN027 BKN033 OVC0404442 91%30.00NA
2500:15N 67.00 Light RainBKN031 OVC0404640 82%30.01NA
2423:55N 710.00OvercastSCT031 SCT039 OVC0464639 484578%30.01NA
2423:35NE 67.00OvercastOVC0484640 79%30.00NA
2423:15NE 37.00OvercastOVC0504639 78%30.02NA
2422:55E 37.00OvercastOVC0604639 78%30.02NA
2422:35N 67.00OvercastOVC0604639 78%30.04NA
2422:15NE 67.00OvercastBKN065 OVC0704639 77%30.04NA
2421:55NE 67.00OvercastBKN050 OVC0654639 77%30.02NA
2421:35NE 610.00OvercastBKN055 BKN070 OVC0804539 79%30.03NA
2421:15NE 710.00OvercastSCT029 BKN070 OVC0804639 78%30.03NA
2420:55NE 67.00OvercastSCT029 OVC0704639 78%30.04NA
2420:35E 57.00OvercastOVC0704639 78%30.05NA
2420:15NE 67.00OvercastSCT027 OVC0704639 76%30.06NA
2419:55N 710.00OvercastOVC0274639 76%30.06NA
2419:35N 610.00OvercastOVC0254739 76%30.07NA
2419:15N 67.00OvercastOVC0254739 76%30.07NA
2418:55NE 57.00OvercastOVC0234639 75%30.05NA
2418:47NE 87.00Mostly CloudyBKN02346NA NANANA
2418:35NE 710.00OvercastOVC0234739 73%30.05NA
2418:15NE 810.00OvercastOVC0234739 73%30.04NA
2417:47NE 87.00Mostly CloudyBKN0244839 71%NANA
2416:47N 67.00Mostly CloudyBKN0275239 62%NANA
2415:47N 67.00Partly CloudySCT0275239 62%NANA
2414:47N 107.00Partly CloudySCT0755439 58%NANA
2413:47N 107.00NANA5239 62%NANA
2409:55N 125.00OvercastBKN012 OVC0204337 81%30.20NA
2408:50N 125.00OvercastOVC0103936 87%30.22NA
2407:50N 95.00 Fog/MistOVC0103936 87%30.21NA
2406:50N 95.00 Fog/MistOVC0103937 93%30.20NA
2405:50N 95.00 Fog/MistOVC0103937 93%30.17NA
WeatherSky Cond. AirDwptMax.Min.Relative
sea level
1 hr3 hr6 hr
6 hour
Temperature (ºF)PressurePrecipitation (in.)

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