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El Paso International Airport
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WeatherSky Cond. Temperature (ºF)Relative
PressurePrecipitation (in.)
AirDwpt6 hour altimeter
sea level
1 hr 3 hr6 hr
0106:51N 810.00 Light RainSCT009 OVC1106663 90%30.181015.10.02
0105:51N 1210.00 Light RainBKN009 OVC0956662 776687%30.181014.90.04
0104:51N 1310.00OvercastBKN010 OVC1106662 87%30.171014.7
0103:51N 2010.00Mostly CloudySCT024 BKN033 BKN1006762 84%30.171014.5
0102:51NE 21 G 2610.00Overcast and BreezyFEW019 BKN030 OVC1006963 81%30.171014.70.04
0101:51S 310.00OvercastSCT050 OVC0807263 73%30.161014.00.01
0100:51S 1410.00 Light RainSCT080 OVC1107164 79%30.151013.80.03
3123:51SE 13 G 2210.00 Light RainBKN080 BKN1407758 897752%30.151013.4
3122:51SE 810.00Partly CloudyFEW070 FEW110 SCT1807858 50%30.131013.1
3121:51E 910.00Partly CloudyFEW070 SCT120 SCT1807958 49%30.101012.3
3120:51E 1510.00Mostly CloudySCT070 BKN120 BKN1808158 45%30.071011.3
3119:51E 1610.00Partly CloudyFEW060 SCT120 SCT1808458 41%30.061010.6
3118:51E 1010.00Partly CloudySCT070 SCT1708660 42%30.051010.0
3117:51SE 12 G 2010.00Partly CloudySCT070TCU SCT1708956 908233%30.041009.7
3116:51Calm10.00Partly CloudySCT070TCU SCT1508956 33%30.061010.1
3115:51N 610.00Partly CloudySCT070 SCT1508956 33%30.081010.8
3114:51S 710.00Partly CloudyFEW050 SCT150 SCT2008757 36%30.121012.1
3113:51W 610.00Mostly CloudyFEW045 SCT140 BKN2008658 39%30.141013.2
3112:51NW 1010.00Mostly CloudyFEW090 BKN140 BKN1808559 42%30.171013.8
3111:51Calm10.00Mostly CloudyFEW090 SCT120 BKN1708259 827246%30.181014.4
3110:51Calm10.00Mostly CloudyFEW090 BKN120 BKN1507760 56%30.211015.4
3109:51S 310.00OvercastFEW090 SCT120 OVC2507562 64%30.221016.0
3108:51S 610.00OvercastFEW090 BKN120 OVC2507363 71%30.221016.1
3107:51E 510.00OvercastFEW090 BKN120 OVC2507361 66%30.201015.0
3106:51N 1310.00OvercastBKN090 OVC1207262 71%30.171013.7
3105:51N 1210.00OvercastSCT090 BKN120 OVC2507361 827366%30.171013.4
3104:51E 910.00OvercastBKN090 BKN130 OVC2507461 64%30.161013.2
3103:51E 1610.00Mostly CloudySCT090 BKN130 BKN2507660 58%30.171013.3
3102:51N 1310.00OvercastBKN090 BKN130 OVC2507663 64%30.131012.0
3101:51N 1710.00OvercastBKN090 BKN130 OVC2507661 60%30.141012.4
3100:51N 2010.00 ThunderstormBKN090CB OVC1307959 50%30.141012.4
3023:51N 810.00Mostly CloudyBKN080 BKN1208259 988146%30.101011.00.01
3022:51Calm10.00Mostly CloudyBKN080 BKN1208260 47%30.101010.9
3021:51W 610.00Mostly CloudyBKN080 BKN1208260 47%30.051009.60.01
3020:51SW 610.00Mostly CloudySCT090 SCT120 BKN1808556 37%30.041009.6
3019:51S 17 G 2510.00 Light RainSCT090 SCT120 BKN2009054 29%30.001008.0
3018:51NE 810.00Partly CloudySCT090 SCT1709648 19%29.981006.9
3017:51NE 810.00Partly CloudySCT090TCU SCT1709851 1019120%29.981006.8
3016:51N 1510.00Partly CloudySCT080TCU SCT25010048 17%29.981006.8
3015:51W 1010.00Partly CloudySCT090TCU SCT2509951 20%30.011007.6
3014:51SW 910.00Partly CloudyFEW090 SCT2509952 21%30.021008.2
3013:51NW 1210.00A Few CloudsFEW095 FEW2509752 22%30.051009.1
3012:51N 910.00A Few CloudsFEW095 FEW2509554 25%30.071009.9
3011:51Vrbl 710.00A Few CloudsFEW100 FEW2509357 937130%30.091010.7
3010:51Vrbl 510.00A Few CloudsFEW130 FEW2508958 35%30.111011.3
3009:51Calm10.00A Few CloudsFEW130 FEW2208561 45%30.111011.7
3008:51Vrbl 310.00Partly CloudySCT120 SCT2207965 62%30.111012.0
3007:51SE 710.00Mostly CloudyBKN120 BKN2207566 74%30.101011.7
3006:51Calm10.00Mostly CloudyFEW045 BKN120 BKN2207366 79%30.081011.2
3005:51E 510.00Mostly CloudyFEW045 BKN120 BKN2207366 827279%30.081010.9
3004:51Calm10.00A Few CloudsFEW150 FEW2207465 74%30.071010.6
3003:51N 510.00A Few CloudsFEW150 FEW2207665 69%30.071010.5
3002:51N 310.00A Few CloudsFEW150 FEW2207767 71%30.061010.5
3001:51E 310.00Partly CloudyFEW170 SCT2207668 77%30.081011.2
3000:51N 310.00A Few CloudsFEW170 FEW2208065 60%30.091011.7
2923:51Calm10.00Mostly CloudyFEW065 FEW150 BKN2508164 58%NANA
2922:51N 510.00Mostly CloudyFEW065 FEW150 BKN2508263 51%NANA
2921:51Calm10.00Mostly CloudyFEW065 SCT150 BKN2508261 48%NANA
2920:51Calm10.00Mostly CloudyFEW065 SCT150 BKN2508263 51%NANA
2919:51Calm10.00Mostly CloudyFEW065 SCT150 BKN2508461 45%30.07NA
2918:51Calm10.00Mostly CloudyFEW065 BKN150 BKN2508759 39%30.071011.2
2917:51SE 310.00Mostly CloudyFEW065 BKN150 BKN2508758 897237%30.091011.3
2916:51Calm10.00Mostly CloudyFEW045 SCT120 BKN2508759 39%30.091011.5
2915:51Vrbl 510.00Mostly CloudyFEW050 SCT120 BKN2508660 42%30.121012.2
2914:51Calm10.00Mostly CloudyFEW045 FEW110 BKN2508360 46%30.141013.4
2913:51E 610.00Mostly CloudyFEW045 SCT100 BKN2307963 58%30.181014.9
2912:51N 810.00Mostly CloudyFEW040 BKN100 BKN1407565 71%30.211016.3
2911:51N 810.00 Light RainSCT050 BKN090 BKN1107266 746882%30.231016.90.010.09
2910:51N 108.00 Light RainSCT041 BKN060 BKN0907066 87%30.231016.50.01
2909:51N 1410.00Mostly CloudyFEW060 SCT095 BKN1407166 84%30.231016.4
2908:51N 1010.00Mostly CloudyFEW060 SCT095 BKN1407066 87%30.231016.60.07
2907:51NE 2010.00 Thunderstorm Light RainSCT060CB BKN095 BKN1406865 90%30.221016.00.05
WeatherSky Cond. AirDwptMax.Min.Relative
sea level
1 hr3 hr6 hr
6 hour
Temperature (ºF)PressurePrecipitation (in.)

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