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WeatherSky Cond. Temperature (ºF)Relative
PressurePrecipitation (in.)
AirDwpt6 hour altimeter
sea level
1 hr 3 hr6 hr
0120:54S 25 G 3610.00A Few Clouds and BreezyFEW3007150 47%29.661003.8
0119:54S 15 G 2610.00A Few CloudsFEW250 FEW3007448 40%29.641003.4
0118:54S 29 G 3710.00A Few Clouds and WindyFEW3007746 837733%29.651003.5
0117:54S 24 G 3910.00A Few Clouds and BreezyFEW3008044 28%29.661003.8
0116:54S 29 G 3810.00A Few Clouds and WindyFEW3008241 23%29.671004.1
0115:54S 25 G 3610.00A Few Clouds and BreezyFEW2508236 19%29.681004.7
0114:54S 24 G 3210.00Partly Cloudy and BreezySCT2508236 19%29.731006.0
0113:54S 26 G 3810.00Mostly Cloudy and WindyBKN2508035 20%29.771007.5
0112:54S 25 G 3110.00Mostly Cloudy and BreezyBKN2507936 795321%29.801008.6
0111:54S 28 G 3810.00A Few Clouds and WindyFEW2507537 25%29.831009.9
0110:54S 28 G 3910.00Partly Cloudy and WindySCT110 SCT2507234 25%29.851010.4
0109:54S 18 G 2610.00A Few CloudsFEW2506933 26%29.851010.4
0108:54S 1510.00A Few CloudsFEW2506333 33%29.861010.8
0107:54S 1210.00A Few CloudsFEW2505733 41%29.881011.4
0106:54S 1010.00A Few CloudsFEW2005433 575245%29.871011.2
0105:54S 810.00FairCLR5433 45%29.881011.4
0104:54S 810.00FairCLR5432 43%29.861010.9
0103:54S 910.00FairCLR5333 47%29.861010.6
0102:54S 910.00FairCLR5632 40%29.881011.3
0101:54S 810.00FairCLR5433 45%29.891011.9
0100:54S 810.00FairCLR5433 735345%29.901012.3
3123:54S 1010.00FairCLR5632 40%29.921012.8
3122:54S 810.00FairCLR5831 36%29.931013.3
3121:54SE 610.00A Few CloudsFEW3006529 26%29.931013.3
3120:54E 510.00FairCLR6730 25%29.921013.0
3119:54S 510.00A Few CloudsFEW3006829 23%29.901012.5
3117:54Vrbl 310.00A Few CloudsFEW1007428 18%29.901012.5
3116:54Vrbl 710.00A Few CloudsFEW1007528 18%29.911012.7
3115:54NW 1410.00A Few CloudsFEW1007629 18%29.931013.3
3114:54Vrbl 710.00A Few CloudsFEW1007429 19%29.951014.0
3113:54NW 1510.00A Few CloudsFEW0017329 19%29.971014.5
3112:54NW 1010.00FairCLR7129 714221%29.981014.9
3111:54NW 1010.00A Few CloudsFEW0016931 24%30.001015.5
3110:54NW 1310.00FairCLR6634 30%30.001015.6
3109:54NW 610.00FairCLR6036 41%30.001015.6
3108:54W 710.00A Few CloudsFEW2505337 55%29.991015.4
3107:54W 510.00A Few CloudsFEW2304434 68%29.971015.1
3106:54NW 510.00A Few CloudsFEW2304333 574368%29.961014.3
3105:54W 710.00FairCLR4433 65%29.941013.8
3104:54W 710.00FairCLR4432 63%29.941013.7
3103:54NW 510.00FairCLR4933 55%29.921013.0
3102:54NW 710.00FairCLR5132 48%29.931013.2
3101:54NW 710.00FairCLR5532 42%29.921012.8
3100:54N 1010.00FairCLR5731 725337%29.901012.1
3023:54W 710.00FairCLR5432 43%29.881011.6
3022:54W 510.00FairCLR5733 41%29.881011.5
3021:54W 1310.00FairCLR5932 36%29.871011.3
3020:54SW 1210.00A Few CloudsFEW2506331 30%29.851010.7
3019:54W 710.00A Few CloudsFEW200 FEW2506530 27%29.841010.5
3018:54W 1210.00A Few CloudsFEW220 FEW2507229 766920%29.831010.3
3017:54W 21 G 3310.00Mostly Cloudy and BreezyFEW220 BKN2507526 16%29.841010.4
3016:54W 23 G 3310.00Mostly Cloudy and BreezyBKN2507625 15%29.871011.2
3015:54W 24 G 3210.00Mostly Cloudy and BreezyFEW200 BKN2607425 16%29.901012.4
3014:54SW 26 G 3510.00Mostly Cloudy and WindyFEW160 SCT260 BKN3007323 15%29.921013.2
3013:54W 2310.00Mostly Cloudy and BreezyFEW120 SCT260 BKN3007223 16%29.971014.8
3012:54SW 2310.00Mostly Cloudy and BreezyFEW120 SCT260 BKN3006924 703618%30.011016.3
3011:54W 20 G 2810.00OvercastFEW120 FEW240 BKN260 OVC3006821 17%30.041017.1
3010:54SW 2010.00OvercastFEW150 BKN260 OVC3006323 22%30.061017.8
3009:54SW 1310.00A Few CloudsFEW150 FEW230 FEW3005626 32%30.091019.0
3008:54SW 610.00A Few CloudsFEW2604627 47%30.101019.7
3007:54SW 610.00A Few CloudsFEW220 FEW2704025 55%30.121020.2
3006:54SW 510.00Partly CloudySCT2503724 443659%30.111019.9
3005:54SW 310.00Partly CloudyFEW200 SCT2503724 59%30.101019.4
3004:54SW 610.00Partly CloudySCT2503824 57%30.111019.7
3003:54SW 610.00A Few CloudsFEW2503724 59%30.101019.5
3002:54SW 510.00FairCLR3923 53%30.101019.6
3001:54W 310.00FairCLR4323 45%30.101019.5
3000:54W 510.00FairCLR4323 604245%30.101019.6
2923:54W 610.00FairCLR4523 42%30.111019.6
2922:54NW 810.00FairCLR4822 36%30.091019.3
2921:54NW 710.00FairCLR5022 33%30.081018.8
WeatherSky Cond. AirDwptMax.Min.Relative
sea level
1 hr3 hr6 hr
6 hour
Temperature (ºF)PressurePrecipitation (in.)

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