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Deland Municipal Airport
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WeatherSky Cond. Temperature (ºF)Relative
PressurePrecipitation (in.)
AirDwpt6 hour altimeter
sea level
1 hr 3 hr6 hr
0404:55CalmNANANA6363 100%29.68NA
0404:35CalmNANANA6463 94%29.68NA
0404:15W 3NANANA6463 94%29.68NA
0403:55W 5NANANA6463 94%29.68NA
0403:35CalmNANANA6463 94%29.68NA
0403:15CalmNANANA6463 94%29.68NA
0402:55W 6NANANA6463 94%29.67NA
0402:35CalmNANANA6463 94%29.67NA
0402:15CalmNANANA6663 88%29.68NA
0401:55CalmNANANA6663 88%29.67NA
0401:35CalmNANANA6663 88%29.67NA
0401:15CalmNANANA6663 88%29.67NA
0400:55CalmNANANA6663 88%29.67NA
0400:35W 5NANANA6663 88%29.67NA
0400:15NW 6NANANA6863 83%29.67NA
0323:55W 6NANANA6863 83%29.67NA
0323:35W 7NANANA6863 83%29.67NA
0323:15W 7NANANA6863 83%29.67NA
0322:55W 6NANANA6863 83%29.67NA
0322:35W 5NANANA6863 83%29.67NA
0322:15W 3NANANA6863 83%29.67NA
0321:55W 6NANANA6863 83%29.67NA
0321:35W 5NANANA6863 83%29.66NA
0321:15CalmNANANA6863 83%29.66NA
0320:55CalmNANANA6863 83%29.65NA
0320:35NW 3NANANA6863 83%29.65NA
0320:15W 9NANANA7063 78%29.64NA
0319:55W 8 G 17NANANA7264 78%29.63NA
0319:35W 8NANANA7364 74%29.62NA
0319:15W 6NANANA7364 74%29.62NA
0318:55W 7NANANA7364 74%29.61NA
0318:35W 6NANANA7564 69%29.61NA
0318:15W 6NANANA7564 69%29.60NA
0317:55W 7NANANA7566 74%29.60NA
0317:35W 8NANANA7566 74%29.59NA
0317:15W 9NANANA7566 74%29.59NA
0316:55W 12NANANA7566 74%29.58NA
0316:35W 9NANANA7766 69%29.58NA
0316:15NW 9NANANA7766 69%29.58NA
0315:55W 5NANANA7766 69%29.58NA
0315:35W 10NANANA7766 69%29.58NA
0315:15NW 10NANANA7768 74%29.58NA
0314:55NW 10NANANA7768 74%29.58NA
0314:35NW 12 G 16NANANA7768 74%29.57NA
0314:15W 9NANANA7568 78%29.58NA
0313:55NW 10NANANA7568 78%29.58NA
0313:35N 7NANANA7768 74%29.59NA
0313:15CalmNANANA7768 74%29.59NA
0312:55NW 8NANANA7768 74%29.59NA
0312:35NW 5NANANA7566 74%29.60NA
0312:15W 6NANANA7368 83%29.60NA
0311:55W 6NANANA7368 83%29.60NA
0311:35CalmNANANA7266 83%29.60NA
0311:15NW 5NANANA7266 83%29.60NA
0310:55NW 7NANANA7066 88%29.61NA
0310:35NW 6NANANA7066 88%29.61NA
0310:15N 5NANANA7066 88%29.61NA
0309:55CalmNANANA7066 88%29.61NA
0309:35CalmNANANA7066 88%29.60NA
0309:15NW 3NANANA6866 94%29.59NA
0308:55NW 3NANANA6866 94%29.58NA
0308:35NW 5NANANA6866 94%29.57NA
0308:15NW 6NANANA6866 94%29.57NA
0307:55NW 6NANANA6866 94%29.57NA
0307:35N 7NANANA6866 94%29.57NA
0307:15CalmNANANA6866 94%29.57NA
0306:55N 6NANANA6866 94%29.57NA
0306:35NW 5NANANA6866 94%29.57NA
0306:15NW 6NANANA6866 94%29.57NA
0305:55CalmNANANA6866 94%29.56NA
0305:35NW 3NANANA6866 94%29.56NA
0305:15NW 3NANANA6866 94%29.56NA
0304:35N 8NANANA7066 88%29.56NA
0304:15N 8NANANA7068 94%29.57NA
0303:55N 7NANANA7068 94%29.56NA
0303:35NW 8NANANA7068 94%29.56NA
0303:15N 8NANANA7068 94%29.56NA
0302:55N 10NANANA7068 94%29.57NA
0302:35N 9NANANA7268 88%29.57NA
0302:15N 9NANANA7268 88%29.57NA
0222:35N 6NANANA7372 94%29.58NA
0222:15NW 6NANANA7372 94%29.59NA
0221:55N 7NANANA7372 94%29.59NA
0221:35N 7NANANA7372 94%29.59NA
0221:15N 8NANANA7372 94%29.60NA
0220:55NW 7NANANA7372 94%29.60NA
0220:35N 7NANANA7372 94%29.59NA
0220:15N 8NANANA7572 89%29.59NA
0219:55N 7NANANA7572 89%29.58NA
0219:35N 9NANANA7572 89%29.57NA
0219:15N 6NANANA7572 89%29.57NA
0218:55N 8NANANA7572 89%29.56NA
0218:35N 8NANANA7572 89%29.56NA
0218:15N 10NANANA7572 89%29.56NA
0217:55N 10NANANA7572 89%29.57NA
0217:35N 12NANANA7572 89%29.57NA
0217:15N 10 G 16NANANA7773 89%29.57NA
0216:55N 10NANANA7773 89%29.56NA
0216:35N 8NANANA7773 89%29.57NA
0216:15N 10NANANA7773 89%29.57NA
0215:55N 10 G 16NANANA7775 94%29.57NA
0215:35N 9NANANA7773 89%29.57NA
0215:15N 12NANANA7973 84%29.57NA
0214:55N 9NANANA7973 84%29.57NA
0214:35N 9NANANA8173 79%29.58NA
0214:15N 10 G 17NANANA8173 79%29.58NA
0213:55N 9NANANA8173 79%29.59NA
0213:35N 9NANANA8175 84%29.59NA
0213:15N 12NANANA7775 94%29.59NA
0212:55N 10NANANA7775 94%29.60NA
0212:35N 10NANANA8173 79%29.60NA
0212:15N 10NANANA8173 79%29.61NA
0211:55N 8NANANA8173 79%29.61NA
0211:35NE 9NANANA8175 84%29.61NA
0211:15NE 10 G 16NANANA8173 79%29.62NA
0210:55N 8NANANA8173 79%29.62NA
0210:35N 9NANANA7975 89%29.62NA
0210:15N 10NANANA8175 84%29.62NA
0209:55N 8NANANA7975 89%29.62NA
0209:35N 7NANANA7775 94%29.62NA
0209:15N 9NANANA7775 94%29.62NA
0208:55N 5NANANA7775 94%29.62NA
0208:35N 6NANANA7575 100%29.62NA
0208:15NW 6NANANA7575 100%29.62NA
0207:55N 3NANANA7575 100%29.62NA
0207:35CalmNANANA7575 100%29.62NA
0207:15CalmNANANA7573 94%29.62NA
0206:55N 6NANANA7575 100%29.61NA0.02
0206:35N 5NANANA7575 100%29.62NA0.02
0206:15NE 6NANANA7575 100%29.61NA0.01
0205:55N 5NANANA7575 100%29.61NA0.01
0205:35N 7NANANA7575 100%29.60NA
0205:15N 8NANANA7575 100%29.59NA
0204:55N 9NANANA7575 100%29.59NA
0204:35NW 8NANANA7575 100%29.59NA
0204:15N 8NANANA7575 100%29.60NA
0203:55N 7NANANA7575 100%29.60NA
0203:35N 7NANANA7775 94%29.60NA
0203:15N 8NANANA7775 94%29.61NA
0202:55N 8NANANA7775 94%29.61NA
0202:35NW 7NANANA7575 100%29.61NA
0202:15N 7NANANA7575 100%29.61NA
0201:55N 6NANANA7775 94%29.62NA
0201:35N 7NANANA7775 94%29.62NA
0201:15N 7NANANA7775 94%29.63NA
0200:55N 3NANANA7775 94%29.64NA
0200:35CalmNANANA7775 94%29.65NA
0200:15NW 3NANANA7775 94%29.64NA
0123:55NW 7NANANA7575 100%29.65NA
0123:35NW 6NANANA7575 100%29.65NA
0123:15CalmNANANA7575 100%29.66NA
0122:55NW 3NANANA7575 100%29.66NA
0122:35NW 3NANANA7775 94%29.66NA
0122:15NW 5NANANA7775 94%29.66NA
0121:55NW 3NANANA7775 94%29.66NA
0121:35NW 5NANANA7775 94%29.66NA
0121:15N 3NANANA7775 94%29.66NA
0120:55N 5NANANA7775 94%29.66NA
0120:35CalmNANANA7775 94%29.66NA
0120:15CalmNANANA7775 94%29.65NA
0119:55CalmNANANA7775 94%29.64NA
0119:35NE 3NANANA7975 89%29.64NA
0119:15N 6NANANA8175 84%29.64NA
0118:55NE 5NANANA8175 84%29.64NA
0118:35N 6NANANA8175 84%29.64NA
0118:15N 6NANANA8275 79%29.64NA
0117:55N 6NANANA8275 79%29.63NA
0117:35NE 7NANANA8475 74%29.64NA
0117:15N 8NANANA8473 70%29.63NA
0116:55N 7NANANA8475 74%29.64NA
0116:35N 9NANANA8675 70%29.64NA
0116:15NE 8NANANA8675 70%29.63NA
0115:55NE 8NANANA8675 70%29.64NA
0115:35NE 8NANANA8673 66%29.64NA
0115:15N 10NANANA8875 66%29.65NA
0114:55NE 8NANANA8673 66%29.66NA
0114:35NE 9NANANA8875 66%29.67NA
0114:15NE 8NANANA8873 62%29.68NA
0113:55NE 8NANANA8673 66%29.69NA
0113:35NE 10 G 17NANANA8675 70%29.69NA
0113:15NE 8NANANA8675 70%29.70NA
0112:55NE 7NANANA8473 70%29.71NA
0112:35N 9NANANA8873 62%29.71NA
0112:15NE 8NANANA8673 66%29.71NA
0111:55NE 8NANANA8673 66%29.72NA
0111:35NE 7NANANA8475 74%29.73NA
0111:15N 10NANANA8475 74%29.72NA
0110:55N 6NANANA8275 79%29.73NA
0110:35N 6NANANA8275 79%29.73NA
0110:15NE 6NANANA8275 79%29.72NA
0109:55N 7NANANA8175 84%29.72NA
0109:35N 7NANANA7975 89%29.72NA
0109:15N 6NANANA7777 100%29.72NA
0108:55N 7NANANA7777 100%29.72NA
0108:35N 7NANANA7777 100%29.72NA
0108:15N 6NANANA7777 100%29.72NA
0107:55NW 5NANANA7777 100%29.71NA
0107:35NW 6NANANA7575 100%29.72NA
0107:15NW 6NANANA7575 100%29.72NA
0106:55NW 6NANANA7575 100%29.72NA
0106:35NW 5NANANA7575 100%29.72NA
0106:15NW 6NANANA7575 100%29.71NA
0105:55CalmNANANA7575 100%29.71NA
0105:35CalmNANANA7575 100%29.71NA
WeatherSky Cond. AirDwptMax.Min.Relative
sea level
1 hr3 hr6 hr
6 hour
Temperature (ºF)PressurePrecipitation (in.)

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