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Fire Weather Directives
NDS 10-4 Fire Weather Services
Map of Local NWS Fire Weather Forecast Zones

Operation Plans:
Southwest Area Fire Weather: PDF
Texas Fire Weather: HTML | PDF
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 Fire Weather Danger Assessment  
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Incident Management Situation Report (PDF Format)
Southern Area Morning Report (PDF Format)
Satellite Fire Analysis Graphic
Fire Weather Outlook (SPC): Day 1 | Day 2
Fire Danger Class (NIFC): Day 1 | Day 2
Fire Potiential (NIFC): Day 1 | Day 2 | About the maps
U.S. Drought Monitor
U.S. Threat Assement
Drought Impacts in the US
Drought Index Maps
NOAA's Drought Information Center
Geospatial Multi-Agency Coordination Group
Weekly Precipitation Map
Lightning Ignition Efficiency Map

Fuel Moisture
Live (Greenness Maps) Dead
Visual Greenness 10-Hour, 1/2" Fuels
Relative Greenness 100-Hour, 1-3" Fuels
Departure From Normal 1000-Hour, 3-6" Fuels
Experimental Live Moisture  
About Greenness Maps About Dead Fuel Moisture
Crop Moisture Index

 Current Weather  
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Current Convective Watches
Current Watches, Warnings, Advisories
Current Mesoscale Discussions
Active Specials and Warnings

Current Observations...
Regional plots | Java-based Map | Surface Observations
Javascript Composite Map of Latest Conditions
SPC Experimental Analyses (Svr Wx Sector) | Florida
Surface Meteograms (Unisys)

Upper Air...
Analysis (SPC)
Plot sounding from MAPS/RUC Analyses/Forecasts

From UCAR or Unysis

From UCAR or Texas A&M
Satellite Imagery...
UCAR Satellite Imagery/Animation
Latest GOES-E Infrared | Visible
National Visual Satellite Image (UCAR) Texas (TNRCC)
High Density Wind: Infrared, Water Vapor
GOES: Sounding Fields | Derived Product Images | SKEW-T's

Local Radars | National View
Java-based National Loop | Radar Summary Chart

 Future Weather  
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SPC Convective Outlook: Day 1 | Day 2
Surface Forecast Maps...
12 hr | 18 hr | 24 hr | 30 hr | 36 hr | 48 hr
Day 3 | Day 4 | Day 5 | Day 6 | Day 7
Extended Forecast Discussion
LAMP (Real Time Analysis and Forecast Products)
22 km Eta Precipitation Type Loop
Mesoscale Models: CAPS
Graphical MOS: AVN, NGM, MRF

Aviation: 00z | 06z | 12z | 18z
Fire Weather Graphics (SPC)

HPC Gaphics
Temperature Forecasts
Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7
Max Max Max Max Max
Min Min Min Min Min
Day 1 0-6hr 6-12hr 12-18hr 18-24hr
Day 2 24-30hr 30-36hr 36-42hr 42-48hr
Day 3 48-54hr 54-60hr 60-66hr 66-72hr
Days 4-5  
PoP Forecast
Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7
Additional Models and Sources
AVN Navy SPC Unisys Ohio St. Texas A&M U Wisc. ARL IGES  
Canadian Canada                
ECMWF     Unisys Ohio St. Texas A&M        
ETA   SPC Unisys Ohio St. Texas A&M U Wisc. ARL IGES  
MM5 NSSL           NASA Penn St. UCAR
MRF     Unisys Ohio St. Texas A&M U Wisc. ARL IGES  
NGM     Unisys Ohio St. Texas A&M U Wisc. ARL    
NOGAPS Navy      
RUC FSL           ARL    
COAMPS Navy      

 Additional Links  
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National Fire Weather Page
Southwest Area Wildland Fire Operations (For New Mexico)
Southern Area Coordination Center (remainder for NWS SR)
Florida Forest Protection Bureau
Oklahoma Forestry Service
Oklahoma Forestry Service Wildfire Danger Information
Texas Forest Service
Texas Forest Service Wildfire Danger Report
Heat Index Chart
Wind Speed Conversion Table
Naval Observatory: Sunrise/Set | Time Service

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