PRODUCT: Request for Change (RC)

REFERENCE: OSO Handbook -- Configuration Management for Operational Systems


PURPOSE: Each Request for Change (RC) consists of paperwork submitted to NWSH announcing an intention and seeking permission to make a change in public products, change or reconfigure office equipment, etc. Before an RC is submitted, the proposed change should be discussed with the NWSH Program Leader for the area under consideration. The submission of RC's along with the review and approval process of the Data Review Group (DRG) is necessary to assure that all users (internal and external) are notified, any needed technical adjustments are accomplished, and that the changes are implemented in accordance with regional and national service policies and plans.

CHANGES: Data RC's are now submitted electronically. This speeds-up the process and makes it quickly available to everyone involved. Changes for baseline items, like System Configuration, require the Regional Director's signature. All RC's go through the DRG, which has been streamlined, for final approval.

COMMENTS: Changes for which RC's are required include the need for new PILs, elimination of unneeded PILs, relocation of office equipment, addition/deletion of AFOS hardware, etc., from one office to another, changing the time of issuance and/or frequency of scheduled issuances, adding/removing cities to Coded Cities Forecasts...CCFs...etc. Field requests for RC's must come through SRH. RC's for MSD matters come from MSD, those for hydrology from Hydrological Services Division, system concerns from Systems Operations Division (SOD), etc. All SRH RC's are forwarded to NWSH through SOD.

CONTACT: Melinda Bailey, W/SR11x5
Public and Marine Services Meteorologist
(817) 978-2652 Ext. 107

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Last updated Aug 31, 2000