SERVICE: Alphanumeric Plain Language Products for External Users


ISSUED BY: Products for NWWS are issued by All Warning Offices

PURPOSE: The NWWS is the primary NOAA/NWS medium for disseminating hydrometeorological and other environmental information primarily in plain language to the media, emergency management agencies, and other users. It is a satellite system using a 30 inch receiving dish. Users can select and receive only those products they desire. The data is received at 1200 bps ASCII. The user may output the data to a printer, computer, etc. The data is up linked by the NWS from paired NWSFO sites.

CHANGES: NWWS switched from a 75 baud rate, intrastate, and land-line telephone system in the late 1980s. The next step for NWWS may be for the data to be available via NOAAPORT (NWS communications satellite).

COMMENTS: Questions from NWS offices on NWWS products and services should be addressed to SRH MSD. Each NWSFO has a list of products available on NWWS from offices throughout its forecast area. Questions on uplink hardware, etc., should go to SRH SOD. To become a NWWS subscriber, interested users should call GTE at 1-800-633-2340. The subscription rate is around $140/mo. Initial installation cost is between $500-1,000. Rates are adjusted as needed for inflation. The system may be purchased or leased from GTE.

CONTACT: Tim Troutman, W/SR11x3
NWR Dissemination Meteorologist
(817) 978-1100 Ext. 108

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Last Update September 14, 2000
Dianna Taylor